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Jonathan Fernandez claims that ex-boyfriend Trent Crews pretended not to know about his marriage

Jonathan Fernandez clarified that Trent Crews had already known about his "secret" marriage, and explained why he had eventually secured a legal divorce.

Jonathan Fernandez, a makeup artist and current full-time cast member on 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' cleared the air about him keeping his previous marriage a secret from his ex-boyfriend, Trent Crews. He said that Trent pretended that the news was a shock to him when he had known all along.

Jonathan revealed that he was legally divorced, and brought up the incident in an interview with In Touch. "You know, that’s the one thing that hurt me more than anything the whole season," he said. "What hurt me was that Trent acted surprised. He acted like he didn’t know — he did know. But he presented it to the world like it was something that he was exposing of me, like 'You have your secrets, too.'"

Jonathan revealed that he was partly influenced to get married by the fact that three months before his wedding, gay marriage had been legalized in the United States. He explained the person he wedded was his best friend, whose name was revealed to be Jonas, saying, "He’s a hopeless romantic just like I am. He proposed to me and I was like, 'You know what, yeah. Let’s give it a try.'"

Jonathan Fernandez revealed that he had been separated from his ex-husband for 18 months before meeting Trent Crews. (Instagram)

Since they felt that they were better off as friends, Jonathan and his ex-husband decided to separate and go their own ways. So, at the time that he was dating Trent, Jonathan revealed that he and his ex-husband had not been together for nearly a year and a half.

However, he did let Trent know about their marriage and the fact that they were separated. Trent brought up the marriage on Episode 8 of the show's 8th season, when he confronted Jonathan with his marriage license, provoking a scuffle that was immediately broken up by security. A few days, later, however, Trent took to Instagram to clarify that he had nothing but love and respect for Jonathan despite what people saw on TV.

Jonathan, too, doesn't hold anything against Trent anymore. He told In Touch, "I think Trent is a very tender soul that’s also very scared and I would love to build a friendship with him but I think Trent is one of those people that has a hard time trusting and once he doesn’t trust you, it’s hard to repair that with him." He added, "That being said, I wish him all the best. We’re not together." 

Trent Crews uploaded this image of him with Jonathan Fernandez to clarify that he still respected the makeup artist. (Instagram)

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