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Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan's unbelievable weight loss will shock you

Reality star Holly Hagan doesn't look like the way you remember her from the MTV series.

Remember Holly Hagan from the 2011 reality show Geordie Shore? she was on the heavier side and always had a ton of makeup on and had really bright hair? Well, she doesn't look like that anymore. 

Seven years can really make a hell of a difference - at least they have to this reality star. This 25-year-old looks incredibly different today than she did on her days of Geordie Shore. 

(Source: Instagram)

She's gone from a size 16 to a size 8 and credits her jaw-dropping weight loss to working out with her personal trainer. there was an extremely strict diet involved, of course, and she has done this in a matter of a few months, reported Celebsnow.

She's become a fitness freak now and takes a lot of care when it comes to what she eats and exercising. She's even released a personalized 12-week health plan for anyone who wants to achieve a body like hers. She calls it Holly Hagan's Bible. 

But as they say, not everything you see on Instagram is totally natural, there is always some knife work involved. Transformations don't come for free.

(Source: Instagram)

Holly has had a 360-degree spin on her lifestyle but she's also had a ton of surgeries. She reportedly dropped a little more than $8400 dollars on plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. She has had lip fillers, botox, and breast surgery which from the looks of it may have been a lift. She's even had a chin job to add to the list.

(Source: Instagram)

If you go through her past photos, you clearly start seeing a difference in her weight post-2014, when the show Geordie Shore was still on. By 2015 she was already visibly slimmer and toned, and she was not afraid to document her transformation journey on Instagram. 

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