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'He is Psychometric' week 2 review: Lee Ahn knows the truth about Jae-in, realizes she was the kid from his past, but it's too late

In the second week of 'He is Psychometric' Lee Ahn learns the truth about Jae-in's father and wants to help, but it is a little too late for that

In the second week of 'He is Psychometric', Lee Ahn (Park Jin-young) and Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) began to get closer to each other despite many misunderstandings. In the last episode, we saw Jae-in learn the truth about Lee Ahn's special ability and instinctively suggest he read her, to learn what really happened many years ago during the fire accident, for which her father was blamed and sentenced to jail.

In this week's episode, she realizes, in hindsight, she doesn't trust her father to be innocent after years of dealing with the aftermath of living as a murderer's daughter and holds off on her request. She further tells Lee Ahn that while his secret is his ability, hers is her father and wants to be left alone regarding it. She even mistreats him, while all he was trying to do was to help.

A still of Lee Ahn from 'He is Psychometric'. (Source: tvN)

Jae-in standing up for Lee Ahn while the math teacher blames him for breaking into school, results in the teacher getting fired and he tries to exact revenge on her and even attacks her with hydrochloric acid. Lee Ahn saves her in time and that results in him outing her secret about her father to the school. Lee Ahn, however, knows the truth about her father already and he even realized she is the child from the past who comforted him.

Lee Ahn, who is not with her during the debacle, misses the chance to convince her to stay back and loses touch with her. His last contact with her is through psychometry and she tells him to develop his skills further, to become a cool psychometrist so that she can seek him out in the future.

A still of Jae-in from 'He is Psychometric'. (Source: tvN)

Here's where it gets interesting. You might expect Lee Ahn to try to impress her and in her memory become sincere and all that jazz. That, however, doesn't happen to our lead man. He does miss Jae-in, especially since he has realized that she was a part of his childhood. He searches for her in every woman wearing a black hat and a trench coat, but he isn't all that sincere about his academics.

Two year later, he does try to take the detective test, but he hopes to get in by cheating in the exam. Surprise! Surprise! The one person who knows about his skill turns out to be the invigilator for the exam. He meets Jae-in again, in an officer's uniform and his first words to her are "I found you!"

She is not ecstatic to see him but is instead perplexed that he was ready to use his skills to cheat in the exam. And that marks the beginning of what will turn out to be a partnership in solving crimes, healing the wounds of the past and finding the truth. Lee Ahn is yet to realize his brother's role in Jae-in's life, and it will be interesting to find the truth about that.

This week, we also found out that Lee Ahn's brother Kang Sung-mo (Kim Kwon) had left Lee Ahn in the orphanage as a child resulting in Lee Ahn taking the path of violence as an outlet to his frustration. It wasn't until he was in high school that his brother moved back in with him. In fact, at this point in time, Lee Ahn also hated his power because he had assumed that his brother had left him because of it.

In the present, however, he hasn't been able to get a read on his brother at all. There are secrets that Sung-mo is holding onto. In the last episode, we even saw Sung-mo's friend, detective Eun Ji-Soo (Kim Da-Som) ask him about it. Will Lee Ahn find the truth soon? How will he react to it?

For this, we will have to wait and watch the coming episodes on Viki. The episodes air Monday and Tuesday.