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Mark Salling's autopsy reveals he had alcohol but no drugs in his system at the time of his suicide

Mark Salling committed suicide days before he was going to be charged for possession of child pornography and now the autopsy reveal that at the time of his death, he was not on drugs.

Six weeks after Glee actor Mark Salling died of asphyxia by hanging, an autopsy that was obtained by E! reveals that the actor was under the influence of alcohol, but not drugs. In the documents obtained by the magazine, the Los Angeles Coroner confirmed the actor’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.095 percent. 

Actor Mark Salling attends the Tinder Plus Launch Party (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Tinder)

As per the state law, this indicates that the actor was intoxicated. Meanwhile, the reports also showed that Mark did not have any form of drug in his system. Along with this, the report also offered a timeline of Mark's death. It stated the actor was "last known to be alive watching television with his father, in the living room" on the evening of January 29. 

The news about Mark missing came to attention after his mother noticed that he and his vehicle were missing around midnight. At the same time, Mark's roommate found that his house arrest tracking device "down the street" from their residence. It is then that the police was informed about him being missing. 

Mark's autopsy reveals he had alcohol in his system (Twitter)

At 9 a.m. the next morning authorities discovered Mark's body which had been hanging at a park near his residence in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The actor was weeks away from getting sentenced for possession of child pornography. The charge was made against him in 2015 and he pleaded guilty to it. 

Mark even agreed to serve four to seven years behind bars along with a supervised release for 20 years. TMZ, also described the tragic death of Mark during that time stating that he was found “hanging by a nylon rope which was tied to a branch a little over 6 feet above the ground and “was wrapped around his neck five times.”

It was also noticed that this was the second time that Mark had tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists. His wrist incisions were about 2.5 centimeters and 6.5 centimeters on each hand,” TMZ reported at that time.

In the wake of his passing, a United States District Judge had granted the request from the US Attorney's office for dismissal of the child pornography case. 

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