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How Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson blurred make-up gender lines

Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson talk about their new brand, Both Ways Cosmetics.

'Geordie Shore' stars Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson have taken their talent and skill into the cosmetic industry as the duo recently launched their unisex cosmetics brand, Both Ways Cosmetics. Taking inspiration from the show and the cast members, both of them knew that there had to be cosmetics that did not take gender into consideration. 

The two have launched a unisex cosmetic brand (Twitter)

"I’ve watched the boys in the Geordie Shore house using makeup for years and they always used to talk about how hard it was to find a good makeup for them, so that’s when I came up with the idea," Marnie told Meaww. "I never wear heavy makeup and so all the boys used to want to borrow my stuff as it wasn’t too heavy or too glittery. Boys always say they struggle to find the right stuff and they get embarrassed trying to search for it. So, with Both Ways, they have it all there in front of them and they don’t have the embarrassment of going around department stores asking women about makeup."

Casey thought that Marnie's idea had to be made into reality (Instagram)

Marnie knew that she had to do something about this, but he knew that it wouldn't have been possible alone. It is then that he decided to bring her most trusted person into the picture, Casey. "Marnie told me about her idea and I loved it!" Cassey said recalling the incident. 

"As a man, I know that a lot of guys secretly wear makeup and it’s something that we don’t really like to speak about so everyone just struggles with what to buy but wouldn’t ever ask another guy about it. That’s why it was so important for me and Marnie that the makeup we had in the range was subtle but effective for boys as well as girls who like their make up a bit less heavy," he said. 

They want to break the stereotypes (Instagram)

While there is no doubt that the idea is setting aside the stereotype that exists, it is the name of the brand, "Both Ways Cosmetics' that also speaks volumes. When asked who was the mastermind behind the name, Marnie confessed that it was all her. "That was me!" she said. "I am quite creative, and I came up with the name and I knew it was perfect. I think it’s quite catchy and it works perfectly for the brand."

They want both men and women to feel the same while using cosmetics (Instagram)

Casey seemed to agree with her as he said, "Yeah it was Marnie, she’s good at stuff like that. As soon as she said ‘Both Ways Cosmetics’ I knew it was the perfect name!" However, it wasn't until last year that the duo started working on bringing this idea to life. "It did take us a while to bring it out because we both wanted it to be perfect," Marnie said. "We took our time to find perfect products. We both tried so much different stuff and the stuff on the website is all the stuff we both loved."

Casey added that they wanted to take all the time that they needed in order to ensure that the end product was of good quality for both, men and women. However, there were a few hardships that they had to face while creating the product. According to Marnie, "the most challenging thing for me was finding the correct products." "It took so long! But I’m so happy that we were patient and didn't rush into using the first things we found," she said.

Both of them plan on expanding the brand (Instagram)

"The products on sale are high quality and aren’t overpriced for what they are. And they are also some of the best things I’ve ever tried." At the same time, Casey believed the same. "I think it was the same for me. It was hard to find makeup that still made me feel masculine," he said. "Like we wanted to find a bronzer that made me look tanned without me having glitter all over my face. And eyebrow products that make them looked tamed but not overdone. And just overall things that didn’t make me feel like I was covered in heavy makeup."

They want to bring other skin care products to the brand (Instagram)

The two have quite a lot of plans for the brand in the near future. "There is so much potential for Both Ways Cosmetics," Marnie said. "The next thing I want to do is bring out a MASC and FEM section on the website which will just cover products specifically for men and women. For example, the unisex range doesn’t include glittery products or lipsticks as I know most men don’t want it to be obvious that they are wearing makeup. But I know us girls do love a bit of glitter and shimmer so that’s what will be next I think."

Meanwhile, Casey revealed they wanted to expand the idea to other products. "I know we’d love to do things other than makeup. Like skincare," he said. "A lot of men have the same problem with their skin, they don’t know what to use as looking after your skin has always been made to seem like a very girly thing to do. But there’s also loads more exciting things we have been discussing that we will hopefully be able to look at doing down the line…!"

You can check out the cosmetics here bothwayscosmetics.com

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