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Elton John tells James Corden Sharon Stone needs a "big" man in her life

Sharon Stone and Elton John appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show on Wednesday (February 28) night and left the audience with an entertaining night. The two played games spoke about how terrible Sharon is in singing and most importantly, discussed very personal details about the type of guy the actress is looking for. 

Elton John spoke about the what kind of man Sharon would want (Twitter)

Sharon, who had appeared on the show in order to promote her upcoming film 'All I Wish' was asked by James if she has been set up by one of her friends on dates. Upon hearing this Sharon quickly looks at Elton and says, "you could be doing better than that." 

While Elton realized now he has a new task up his sleeve, James had another question on his mind and that was the type of guy Sharon was looking for and without wasting a second, he was quick to ask, "What is Sharon Stone looking for in anything?" 

It is at this moment that Elton decided to do what every other friend knows the best- embarrass Sharon while speaking the truth. He jumps in to respond to the question by saying  “A big one" and these three words were enough for Sharon to burst out laughing and the actress did so too for nearly 15 seconds uninterruptedly. 

The two even played the guessing game on the show (Twitter)

Just when Sharon had managed to get hold of herself, Elton added, "Well, it's obviously true" and it sent her back into her hysterical fit. “That’s right, I like them tall,” she said with a wink and then the 'Tiny Dancer' singer added, " Tall and lofty." Even though this conversation ended there, the two continued to have fun at the show and engaged in a James' game '“ James That Tune”.

The game saw James poorly playing Elton's song on his mini keyboard and the same tune had to be guessed by the two. Both Elton and Sharon found it hard to guess the song and James immediately added, “never had this trouble with Stevie Wonder. The show ended with James putting on a throwback Elton costume and the audience sure did enjoy that sight. 

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