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'Deadly Class' finale review: Series ends with F**kface's swan song, broken relationships and Chico's frozen decapitated head

With earnest realization, F**kface tells Marcus, "I would love to go to your f**king school. I would love to be your friend"

Is this it? Should Adele start singing "This is the end, close your eyes and count till ten," since the sky has actually fallen on our 'Deadly Class' gang with the tenth episode 'Sink With California.'

After the soaring ratings of the penultimate episode, the fanbase of a brutal, dark high-school series was established and fans eagerly looked forward to the finale since the stars of the show teased that it is unlike anything "seen on TV."

With expected and unexpected twists and turns, 'Deadly Class,' season 1 came to an end with a desperate cry for the need of season 2 because a cliffhanger is very unsettling. Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin Wadsworth) holding on to Chico's (Michel Duval) decapitated head just out of the freezer and Maria Salazar (María Gabriela de Faría) with her killer mode on, arguing with Marcus, are caught red-handed by the cartels as they are on an unforgiving mission to find who killed Chico, the Cartel's legacy and the son of Mexico's ultimate mafia.

In the penultimate episode, they killed Master Lin's (Benedict Wong) wife, and chased the principal of King's Dominion, as he ran with his young daughter. The finale episode picks up right where it ended, and the buzzing town of San Francisco, which serves as the backdrop of the school of assassins, is chaotically fraught with gun firing and sword fighting.

The guns triumph and the cartel gang manage to enter the school premises, where Lin is hiding his scared little daughter. The combat between Chico's cousin and Lin is disappointing solely because Lin is the school's headmaster teaching the young generation about the art of killing, yet he omits the first law of killing - never leave the opponent half wounded, finish him off.

Funny that Lin and the cartel cousin fall down the stairs and Lin leaves him without a final blow. Instead, he runs to hide, when severely wounded with a gunshot. Things, of course, don't end well, and his villainous sister Master Gao takes his little daughter to send her off to the temple, just like she was sent when she was a baby. Master Gao is doing this sheerly to take revenge on her family who preferred Lin over her to look after their own legacy.

Mater Lin enrolling Marcus in episode 1 of Deadly Class

Unfortunately, and quite randomly, this also happens to be the night Marcus and his 'Deadly Class' gang featuring the "rats" and the "legacies" alike, decide to attack Chester "F**kface" Wilson, who is residing at Shabnam's house with his crazy family members. Shabnam, unexpectedly, turned out to be a villain serving as Master Gao's sidekick and feeding her information on his whereabouts.

Saya makes a dramatic (hilarious) entry, but on a serious note, Shabnam lets the cartels know, and that's how they get there. But that is in the final scene of the finale, the interesting bits happen in between.

Say, for example, when Saya is losing the fight between her and F**kface's sister, Maria just keeps looking and literally does nothing to help Saya win the fight. "You slept with him, didn't you?" is all Maria says and Saya knows she's been betrayed. Saya eventually gets her katana out and has an upper hand.

However, the fight escalates between Saya and Maria, where they both don't hold back from slicing each other, when suddenly F**kface's sister attacks them with a pitchfork, stabbing Maria, right in her chest. Saya, however, helps her ex-best friend, unlike the latter did, but soon enough bails out from the fight as Saya powerfully states "you people, you're all ticks, draining me, pulling me down with you."

Petra and Billy break into the house to help, and Petra manages to kill Billy's attacker. Billy looks at Petra as though a messiah came to him, and Petra finally, finally, acknowledges Billy's love for her. So that's something to rejoice about in this gloomy episode.

Moving on to the main villain, crazy F**kface videotapes Marcus' kidnapping, making his brother play the host of a talk show interviewing Marcus to make a recorded confession. Clear from the earlier episodes, F**kface's main ambition is to come on TV and become famous. So, he urges Marcus to tell the world it was F**kface who killed the boys at the orphanage and not Marcus as the world thinks it was.

Marcus Lopez in Deadly Class

In one of the most crazy, twisted and sentimental scenes so far, Marcus tells F**kface, the reason he resents the world and has a sense of entitlement, is because he is lonely. Marcus even invites F**kface to join King's Dominion saying "they would love you."

With earnest realization, F**kface tells Marcus, "I would love to go to your f**king school. I would love to be your friend." The scene of reconciliation stretches about eight minutes and we are intensely engaged. Hell, we even feel sorry for F**kface, when suddenly, Marcus attacks him with a solid brick and unleashes a savage dog that eventually kills F**kface.

Exit, the teen assassins, as they all make it to the end, including Lex, who gets shot by the cartels when he rushes out of the house. That's it. The series concludes with Marcus and Maria surrounded by the cartel mob, as Marcus hold on to Chico's head.

Alexa, play Adele's 'Skyfall.' We need season 2!