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'Counterpart' Season 2: Howard Silk is missing in Episode 1. What happened to him? Here's what we know

Howard Silk Alpha made the mistake of committing a murder in another world. But that's the least of his troubles. Now he will discover things that he wished he never knew

STARZ's Justin Marks-created show 'Counterpart' has returned with its second season, and it has proved that the long wait was completely worth it. Starring J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk (Alpha and Prime), Olivia Williams as Emily Brunt Silk, Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin and Nadia Fierro, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, and Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, the second season picked up with Emily Alpha coming back to her senses and trying to reconnect the missing pieces of her memory.

The first episode chiefly focused on Emily's plight as she tried to recall all the things she was involved with before the accident, and along with her, Howard Prime — who is now living in our world with Emily Alpha — tried to take out some information about the terrorist group, Indigo.

Although Emily kept mentioning that things around her felt a bit "strange", she somehow seemed to have missed out on the fact that her husband, Howard, was not the same man who would visit her at the hospitals. Howard Prime managed to hide as Howard Alpha, but then where is Howard Alpha?

In the finale episode of the first season, we saw Howard Alpha unintentionally killing the Pope. As an outsider who has committed murder in their world, Howard was immediately taken to prison. As the gate was shut, and the crack between the diplomacies began to get prominent, chances for Howard ever being able to return to his world seemed bleak. We do not know what happened to him since he does not appear in the first episode. His Prime-version does appear and it doesn't seem like he will let go of the place anytime soon. So where is Howard? Here are a few things that we know:

1. Behind bars

Howard Alpha is now a convicted criminal who has committed murder in a world in which he is not a citizen. Certainly, he is behind bars but that has only made him a subject of interest for the Management and Emily Prime. In spite of being charged with murder, Howard finds himself in a strange situation where no one is questioning his act of murder, but are rather interested in what is going on with his wife at home. Howard Alpha is aware that Howard Prime is at home with Emily but there are things that he still doesn't know. Howard will eventually have to face a harsh reality, but will he will believe it or rely on his own instincts will be revealed in the second episode.

Howard Silk Alpha is now in the other world. (STARZ)

2. A matter of interest

Howard Silk Alpha has so far been portrayed as the only character with a singular shade. He is not cunning like his other, he is not driven by ruthless ambition like Emily Prime, and he is certainly not hiding a whole different personality like Emily Alpha. Yet, in spite of his simple approach towards things, Howard is now at the center of a conspiracy and he has a major role to play in it. As the person closest to the suspect, Howard finds himself being burdened by the responsibility of finding the truth about the person he loves the most. He might also be on the winning end of a negotiation but will he will accept the prize will be known in the next episode.

Howard might be part of a bigger plan. (STARZ)

The second episode of 'Counterpart: Season Two' airs on STARZ on December 16.