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Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson opens about his wife's 12th miscarriage

The couple feels that it is important for people to know more about ectopic pregnancy because it is a topic which has not been discussed much.

Simon Gregson opens up about the time when he felt that he might have lost his wife. In an interview with OK! the Coronation Street star revealed that he found that his wife was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, in which the fetus grows outside the uterus. 

Simon reveals that Emma and he were unaware that she was pregnant at that time and blamed the constant stomach pains on constipation. But things went out of hand when in September Emma suffered acute stomach pain and was then rushed to the hospital. 

Simon and Emma open about suffering a 12th pregnancy (Twitter)

"Up to that point we didn't know I was pregnant so it came as a double blow to us. It was hard to get our heads around what was happening," Emma told the magazine. "I was petrified. I thought I was never going to see my sons ever again..."

Emma recalls feelings shaken and thinking that it was the last few minutes of her life which she was living. 

"As they were taking me down to the theatre I just kept thinking, I'm going to die - this is it, I'm not going to make it," she said.

On the other hand, while Emma felt frozen and confused with regard to what was happening, Simon was told that "Emma would've died if it had been left for a few more hours. She was literally two hours away from death." 

The pair is proud parents to Alfie, 10, Harry, 8, and Henry Teddy, 2, but decided to not expand their family after Emma's near death situation.

"I think as Emma has come so close to death, that's it for us. We originally thought Emma couldn't carry girls, but she so desperately wanted a little girl," Simon said. 

"I would love her to have one - but now, after nearly losing her, I'm going in and having the snip." This heartbreaking news comes after Simon opened up about his wife suffering 11 miscarriages on Twitter last January after internet trolls targeted his wife. 

Emma believed she will never be able to meet her children again (Twitter)

The internet troll attacked the personal life of Simon in relation to the Coronation Street storyline in which his character Steve McDonald is faced with a situation in which his partner Michelle Connor suffers a miscarriage.

This plot had pulled in a lot of controversies and many people started pointing the similarities from Simon's personal life. 

As a response to online commenters, Simon wrote on Twitter, "To the £&)(; who tweeted my wife. We've lost 11 baby's 1st being 21 weeks 4 days. Maybe think or do your research before tweeting someone."

Meanwhile, Emma feels that she will be unable to cope with another devastating miscarriage. 

"Every time I found out I was pregnant, I never felt joyous. I would just fear the worst. I don’t think my mind or body could do it anymore,” she said.

But she feels that it is important for people to know more about ectopic pregnancy because it is a topic which has not been discussed much. 

"The stigma has been removed from having miscarriages, but ectopic pregnancy isn't discussed enough - I didn't really know anything about it," she said.

She wants more people to talk about it and come forward with their stories. "The more you talk, the more you can help other people and spot the signs. It's such a dangerous condition."

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