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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 6: Are fans in for a possible Diaz wedding? We think it's time!

Fans were so into the idea of Rosa being at least a teeny-tiny bit bisexual, they kept begging for a possible Rosa/Gina relationship to unfold

Seldom arrives a comedy show to our screens that leave us speechless, yet in splits, without using even the faintest bit of offensive humor or even cursing, for that matter. Over the last five years 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has been able to do just that, not just with its humor quotient, but also with its vividly diverse representation in terms of race, politics, and most importantly, sexuality.

With an openly gay captain, who also happens to be a black man (Andre Braugher), our favorite detectives from the fictional 99th precinct of New York charmed their way into our hearts. When detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) left us a little scared for our lives, our hearts broke for the kick-a** Latina for she was practically stranded by the man she was going to marry, and also (spoiler alert!) when her parents refused to accept her coming out about her bisexuality.

So now, with her options twice as wide, and her interest in settling down established, what fans are looking forward to is a possible Diaz wedding! Much like Chelsea Peretti's character, Gina Linetti, who remarked about Captain Raymond Holt's (Braugher) obvious 'gay vibe' in the very first episode, fans felt the same way about Rosa right from the start. With her signature bad-a** style - all clad in dark shades and leather jacket riding around town on her motorbike - and her quirky, mysterious nature and habits like having an axe on her at all times, it wasn't that hard a deduction to make.

Despite having always dated men until the big reveal came in the fifth season, fans were so into the idea of Rosa being at least a teeny-tiny bit bisexual, they kept begging for a possible Rosa/Gina relationship to unfold.

These wishes were validated further by Beatriz herself coming out as bisexual on social media, and revealing she and the creators worked around Rosa's plot to suit with her own personal storyline. So, even after things didn't quite work out between Rosa and undercover detective, Adrien Pimento, fans weren't entirely heartbroken.

They always thought the Rosa/Gina romance had major potential. Now, we are not saying Gina swings that way, but she did tell Rosa after the latter came out, that "In another lifetime, you and I would've made a hot a** couple." That only spurred fans' interest and excitement as they finally had something that hinted at a possible romance budding between the two ladies from the precinct; and then came the sad news that crushed all those hopes.

Earlier this year, Peretti announced she was leaving the show in the middle of the sixth season and that squashed all potential for anything romantic to brew between Gina and Rosa. It's almost like the creators could sense that sadness and despair even before fans were made aware of the exit, because right at the end of the fifth season, we see another gorgeous woman breathe love into the air around our tough as nails Detective Diaz. Granted, it was not Gina from the show, but it was Gina Rodriguez, who played the part of the Uber driver, that Rosa gets smitten with at first sight.

Something tells us, it's going to be pretty serious between the two. Let's add to that the fact almost every other character has their romantic plot coming full circle at this juncture of the series, so why not Rosa too?

As of now, fans aren't certain if there are going to be further seasons of the show, especially since it was axed by Fox out of the blue last year, and then luckily, picked up by NBC the very next day. And since that establishes miracles are real and dreams do come true, maybe the creators will decide to bless us with another wedding this season and let's hope it's Rosa's round two!