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'Bold and the Beautiful': Hope and Steffy get into a spat again with Sally being at the center of this personal war

Wednesday's episode of the 'Bold and the Beautiful' will see how Sally's switch to Steffy's side infuriates Hope only to spark a personal war.

Today we are going to get reminded again that Steffy and Hope can never get along. The Bold and the Beautiful's episode for today reveals that two of Ridge's daughter will be sparring again. This time Sally will get caught in the middle of the conflict because Hope will not be happy about Sally joining forces with Steffy on the intimates line. She’ll view this as a hurtful poaching, so she’ll be quick to speak her mind.

Steffy, on the other hand, thinks she has every right to take up a valuable employee since she points out that Sally wasn’t being appreciated at Hope for the Future. This way it's better for Sally to move to a job where she is appreciated. Hope was hesitant to let Sally take on ample responsibilities at HFTF, but that is because of old betrayals. A long time ago Sally stole designs from Forrester Creations, so this time Hope was being guarded and defensive. However, Steffy will contend that everybody deserves a second chance. She’s more than willing to give Sally hers.

The spoilers also point out that Sally will feel confident about what she brings to the table. She had her own obstacles to deal with at the Spectra Fashions, but she still ran her own company. Sally is now ready to show FC and their customers everything she has to offer. As for Steffy and Hope, they manage to make this battle personal again by resorting to petty insults and indulge in some barbs on each other's characters.

As for Bill, he’ll discuss the custody case with Justin as Thorne's and Katie’s engagement could lead to some trouble. The judge could easily side with them as the more stable choice. Justin suggests that something drastic ought to happen fast and Bill readily agrees. Elsewhere, Ridge will suspect that a scheme’s brewing and worries what Bill will be up to next.