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'Black Lightning' Season 2: Jennifer Riker talks about the inspiration and "master class" she experienced on set as Dr Helga Jace

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Riker revealed how inspiring it was to be on the series and how welcoming the cast and crew were

After appearing in well-known series like 'The Walking Dead', 'House of Cards', 'Castle' and in movies like 'The Purge', Jennifer Riker will now be seen in The CW's hit series 'Black Lightning'. Riker will be playing the role of Dr. Helga Jace, the series' newest villain. 

Dr. Helga Jace first appeared in the Batman and Outsiders comics in 1983 and now she will show her dark side in season 2 of 'Black Lightning.' In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Riker revealed how inspiring it was to be on the series and how welcoming the cast and crew were.

Jennifer Riker Photographer: (Tom Fahey)

‘Black Lightning,’ achieved the type of popularity it has, not just because it’s a great comic book-inspired show, but also because of the ways in which addresses important issues, and of course, representation. Talking about how it feels to be part of such an important show, Riker said, "I am honored to be anywhere near a part of this project. The level of talent on the show is inspiring and I consider it a master class each time I am on set. Everyone’s unique points of view, caliber of talent and commitment to tell truths that represent today’s society is a responsibility not lost on me."

Adding to that, she spoke about when the awareness of being on the show sunk in, and if she found it intimidating. "This awareness hit me my first day on set working alongside such passionate champions in the industry. No, never scare, only drove me forward to rise up to the responsibility of telling these stories and accurately portraying my character’s motivation and voice." 

Jennifer Riker Photographer: (Tom Fahey)

Talking about being on the set of 'Black Lightning,' Riker said: "It’s a thrill. It’s very much a family. Everyone greets one another with love and an abundance of hugs and smiles. We respect each other so much and any guest on set would feel that love and acceptance. There is always the freedom to play in character on set and co-collaborate so that adds to the level of comfort. To cool off, we try to keep it real offset. A lot of laughing."

Apart from appearing on 'Black Lightning', Riker will also be seen in 'Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase,' which will release next year. Talking about the movie and her role in it, Riker revealed: "It opens Friday, March 15th. I grew up reading Nancy Drew books as a girl, so when I landed a role in the film it was extra special. I am a bit of comic relief in this project, which is a sweet departure from the villainous Dr. Jace (though I do try to inject some humor in her as well). I play a drunk motel clerk."

Jennifer Riker (Photographer: Tom Fahey)

When we asked her what fans of the book series can look forward to in the movie, Riker said, "Nancy Drew fans will not be disappointed in this film. I can’t picture anyone else but Sophia Lillis playing Nancy Drew. She is a dynamic actress as well as Laura Wiggins who I just love as Karen on 'Shameless.' It is an all-star cast and crew and helmed by a wonderful actors-director, Katt Shea, who really understands how to get the best performance out of her talent." 

'Black Lightning' season 2 airs on The CW. Check your local listings for more information.