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'Better Call Saul' season 4 episode 8: Nacho returns and Kim puts her ingenious plan into motion in 'Coushatta'

'Coushatta' saw Kim's plan to free Huell put into action, Mike taking the construction boys for a night out, and Nacho making his return in 'Better Call Saul' Season 4 Episode 8

Season Four's Episode Seven of 'Better Call Saul' saw Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) drifting further apart. Kim had already told Jimmy previously that she would not be continuing her partnership with him because she had accepted an offer from Scheikart & Cokely that would allow her to pursue both her banking and criminal lawyer aspirations. When Jimmy reluctantly accepts an offer to attend an office party with her, he dejectedly realizes he'll never be able to compete with the firm, monetarily or otherwise.

The construction of Gus' (Giancarlo Esposito) underground meth lab trudged along, though as audiences soon came to know, it was awfully behind schedule because of numerous complications. Worker morale was at an all-time low as well, exacerbated further when an onsite accident results in the collapse of a support beam that meant work fell further behind. Trouble is brewing, and Mike (Jonathan Banks) will need all his expertise to hold it all together.

Hector knocks off a water cup on purpose to stare at the nurse (Source: AMC)

Meanwhile, Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) is awake and responsive after Nacho's (Michael Mando) poisoning attempt nearly claimed his life. However, he can't walk or talk, and communicates through the tapping of his finger, and is now in the avatar we saw him in 'Breaking Bad.' While the doctor claims additional care may see Hector recover fully, Gus quite purposely tells her that her services are no longer required. Hector's current state is bringing undeniable pleasure to the Los Pollos Hermanos supremo, and the psychological torture should continue for some time yet. 

'Something Stupid' had closed off with Kim agreeing to assist Jimmy in his extralegal plans to get associate Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford) off the hook for 'assaulting' a police officer. We saw Kim frantically shopping for stationery supplies and calling Jimmy to tell him to stop whatever he was doing because she had a plan. We've seen instances of Kim embracing some of Jimmy's offhand methods in the past, though this one seemed like her most ingenious plan so far. 

Episode 8 'Coushatta' would unfold with Jimmy following the instructions to Kim's plan, thanking her profusely for taking so much risk to help him and Huell.

Kim puts the plan into motion

Jimmy is busy writing letters (Source: AMC)

How could hundreds of colored pens possibly help get Huell off scot-free? Jimmy takes a bus from the Albuquerque Transit Station and heads out of town, though the destination seems unclear at first. As day turns to evening turns to night, Jimmy is busy penning hundreds of letters, ensuring he changes his handwriting and the pen color for every single one. Eventually, he begins designating the job to other passengers and at the end of the journey, we see him sitting outside a post office in the nowhere town of Coushatta, Louisiana. 

While the plan was still unclear at this point, it soon begins taking shape. Kim takes a team of lawyers up to the prosecutor's office to lengthen the processes as much as possible, at which point they get an angry summons from the judge who's flabbergasted that there are several hundred letters pleading Huell's innocence. That frustration combined with Jimmy's phone scheme meant Huell practically walked away with no jail time, a misdemeanor charge, and four months of probation.

Mike - Gus's most trusted lieutenant

Mike is now someone that Gus trusts and respects (Source: AMC)

There was trouble brewing among the workforce, with head engineer Werner (Rainer Bock) confessing to Mike that this was the longest his men had been so far away from home and that they desperately craved for any interaction with the outside world. While Mike seemed to brush away suggestions at the start, we saw in 'Coushatta' that he took the complaint to heart and has the entire team taken out for a visit to a local strip joint. There's also a candid conversation with Werner where he reveals a little-known detail about his father, though he quickly shows you do not mess with him when it comes to business.

Mike is called out when Kai is kicked out of the strip club for getting too touchy and stands the German worker down as he's escorted out of the premises. He greases the palms of the security guard to ensure there's no further trouble, though, to his annoyance, he soon finds that Werner has been a little too mouthy for his liking. Mike confronts him the next day and makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that such an incident will not be tolerated again. Once viewed with suspicion, Mike has now become someone that Gus not only trusts but also respects.

Nacho is back, and he's not happy

Nacho painfully rips out of one of the pushers' earrings (Source: AMC)

We saw little of Nacho following his shooting and last-ditch surgery, with the Salamanca Twins Leonel and Marco (Daniel and Luis Moncada) similarly missing. But the former makes his return in 'Coushatta', taking up his former position of enforcer in the cartel. Brooding and contemplative, he displays how he's not lost any of his touch by painfully ripping out the earring of one of the pushers who failed to turn up with their share of the money. A more reflective segment shows him opening up a vault at his residence, revealing the significant savings he's made over the years; though it's his longing stare at a picture of his estranged father that hits home.

Already annoyed at himself for failing to kill Hector, Nacho has his misery compounded when he walks into the restaurant to find another Salamanca at the scene. Joyous and bubbly, the newcomer is prancing around the kitchen while cooking up a delicious meal, though Nacho realizes quickly that his presence spells further trouble for him. After all, being a double agent is a lot harder when there are so many eyes on you. 

Are Kim and Jimmy back?

Are the tensions between Kim and Jimmy at an end? (Source: AMC)

Over the last few episodes, it appeared as though Kim and Jimmy were drifting further and further apart. That line of thought felt further justified when you looked into their body language in episode eight. Kim was trying her best to ignore Jimmy, giving him the cold shoulder on every possible occasion and making it clear that she was not a fan of his methods to get Huell free. Or was she?

When the court verdict declares Huell a free man, Kim walks out purposefully, ignoring Jimmy once again. But as soon as the pair is out of earshot, she jumps on him to celebrate, and one scene later, the pair is laughing and joking with one another in bed. Furthermore, when Kim visits Jimmy as he's picking out a new office, Jimmy uses the opportunity to apologize to her over and over again for making her put her law license at so much risk, though he's quickly cut off. She tells him she wants to do it again. Is this another false start, or is it a new beginning?