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'The Bachelor' season 23: Catherine Agro is not reeling under the pressure of getting a rose, here's why

In a sneak-peek, recently revealed by the series, we witness the contestants nervous and wondering who will be sent home without a rose in hand

This article contains spoilers

'The Bachelor' season 23 is off, spinning out new drama with each episode that airs every week. With the third episode airing Monday, viewers and fans cannot wait to see what drama unravels this week. With just 19 contestants left and four to be eliminated on Monday's episode, the contestants are quite nervous. In a recently revealed sneak peek by the series, we can witness the contestants all nervous and wondering who would be sent home without a rose in hand.

Among the panic of being sent home empty-handed, there is one contestant who seems to be unaffected by all this. That is none other than Catherine Agro. Seated amid other ladies who were worried they haven't got enough time to spend with Underwood and who are wanting to now make moves to gain Underwood's attention, Agro revealed she is not burdened by the pressure at all, in fact, she is confident. 

So, why is Agro confident? Well, it comes with no surprise she already has Underwood's attention after her stint during the first episode. If we were to calculate the time the women spent with Underwood during the one-on-ones, Agro seems to have surpassed them all, largely owing to her interruptions during the first episode alone. 

She is someone who knows what she wants, goes for it and does not feel threatened by anyone else. But that is not the only reason Agro is not feeling the pressure at the moment. It seems she has come to a decision where, according to her, if it has to happen, it will. She revealed the same to the other women, stating that if there is meant to be a connection, it will happen.

The other contestants, on the other hand, aren't that pleased with Agro's answer as they reveal they are still feeling the pressure because anyone can be sent home at any point and at present, it is four of them who are to be sent home.

But to ponder on what Agro touched upon, it does seem true. From when did Agro start to think so practically? Could the competition be changing her? We never may never know. But as of now, there is one thing for sure, there are currently 18 women who are nervous and wondering if they will be sent home and Agro isn't one of them.

'The Bachelor' season 23 airs Monday, January 21. Check your local listings for more information.