Did Arie and Lauren meet before The Bachelor? And was it the reason why he chose her over Becca Kufrin

Ever since people started seeing the connection between Lauren B and Arie Luyendyk, they have wondered what had been the reason for a strong bond keeping in mind that Lauren is someone who has kept to herself throughout the show. However, a single comment from one of the finalists sent Twitter into a frenzy while also giving rise to the idea that there was a possibility that the two might have met even before the show had aired. 

The two reportedly met before the show aired (Twitter)

During one of their meeting which took place during the two-night finale, it seemed like the pair was discussing their pre-Bachelor meeting. It feels like it's been forever since I saw you step out of the limo," Arie can be seen saying this to Lauren. To this Lauren replies, "I can still picture the first day ... me walking up to you and you forget that you met me in Dallas."

Fans were quick to talk about this on Twitter. One wrote, "WHAT? Arie and Lauren B have met in Dallas before the show and this is the FIRST WE'RE HEARING OF IT?" While another wrote, "They met before in Dallas??????? I KNEW IT. I knew this shit wasn’t adding up. I need more details." Every curious fan wanted to know what went down between the two and according to Bustle, a Reddit user might have an answer to it or at least the assurance that the two indeed met before the show. 

It all dates back to the first episode of 'The Bachelor' when Arie met all the girls. "In the first episode Lauren barely gets a limo exit intro and yet there's this pic showing that she brought a framed photo to show Arie." The Reddit user wrote. 

Lauren had brought a frame with their picture in it (Facebook)

"When you zoom in it looks exactly like Arie and Lauren posing for a picture together. Do you think maybe Lauren watched Emily's season and was a huge fan of Arie? It could explain why she has fallen for him so hard if she has had a crush on him for five years." Keeping in mind that Arie had a racing career before he appeared on the show, it does not seem impossible that the two might have met even before they decided to appear on the show. 

After all these speculations popped up, producer Robert Mills decided to put some light on the situation. He noted that the two had met at a race in Dallas and it might just be the place where the pair clicked a picture together. But it is still a question if Arie remembers anything about their first meeting because Lauren had previously mentioned that he had no idea who she was. Nonetheless, fate has its own funny way of making things take its own course and looks like the two were destined to be together. 

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