11 Scientific facts about physical attraction, and they will leave you stunned

Getting physically attracted to someone is not a random thing and there's much more that happens in our unconscious thoughts that make us feel attracted towards someone. There's much more to the attraction than merely the physical aspects of a person and here, we have 11 facts which you may need to know to understand attraction better.

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#1 Limbal rings matter

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Limbal rings are the dark circles around your iris which differentiate between your eye color and the white of your eyes. It has been observed that prominent limbal rings create a better contrast between your eye color and the whiteness, making your eyes much more attractive to the other person.

#2 Your parent's age matters

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It has been found that people who were born to parents already in their thirties, find older faces much more attractive. Though the exact reason is not known for this phenomenon, your parent's age when you were conceived does play a prominent part in deciding what's attractive for you.

#3 The smell in the air plays a role

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Women, it has been observed, are more likely to be more attentive and pay more attention to the man when they are exposed to androstadienone (an odorless testosterone derivative found in male sweat). They feel slightly more aroused and happier, as a result, boosting the man's attractiveness.

#4 Shades of red actually helps

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The chances of a woman being asked out increases considerably when she wears red, crimson, maroon, scarlet or some other variation of the color. It is like a moth being attracted to a flame, men feel more attracted towards women who are sporting red.

#5 Similar scents are more attractive

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There is something primal about people's smell which attracts the other gender. The perfume you wear may have certain qualities which when matches your partner's preference makes you irresistibly attractive. This is not something you can get right away but, with time, that smell becomes a part of your identity.

#6 The pitch of your voice

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This is a big indicator of whether a woman is attracted to you or not. A female's voice automatically increases in pitch when she is attracted to a man and also during the time she is ovulating. So, if you find a woman's pitch increase while talking to a man, you may assume attraction and flirtation.

#7 Pills affect a woman's attraction levels towards a man

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It was observed that women who were on oral contraceptive pills were more receptive to the non-sexual gestures of the man and are also more likely to be in a long-lasting and satisfying relationship as compared to women using other forms of contraception.

#8 Eating garlic before first dates seem to help

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Garlic has anti-oxidants and is a natural anti-microbial. Consuming garlic before going on the first date has been observed to make you more attractive as it kills the microbes responsible for body odor.

#9 Mind your body language

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A woman is capable of sending numerous signals through her body. It can be anything from rolling her hair back, the way she sits, the expression on her face etc. A warm and welcoming posture, for example, is more likely to get attention when compared to a closed body.

#10 Similar personality traits attract

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People with similar traits are attracted to each other. A calm man, for example, has higher chances of falling for a calm woman when compared to another. The fact is that it builds compatibility and increases the chances of people getting along well.

#11 Hunger affects your preference

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When you feel full and fat, your sense of sexuality decreases and you may not be in the mood for attraction. Feeling hungry also reduces the drive towards getting attracted. Having a light yet satisfying meal not only keeps you going but also increases your interest in the person.

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