Teen who suspected his dog had rabies shoots her point-blank in the face because he 'had no time to take her to the vet'

The dog, named Gloria, survived the shooting but had to undergo a number of surgeries to remove the remnants of several shattered teeth

Police have charged a Missouri teenager with animal abuse after he reportedly shot his dog at point-blank range in the face, believing that the animal was showing signs of having contracted rabies.

The dog, named Gloria, survived the shooting after her owner justified it by saying "there was no time to take the dog to the vet."

People magazine reports that 18-year-old Harley Mobley of Slater was arrested and remains in police custody on a $7,500 cash bail. However, he is yet to enter a plea to the single felony count he faces, and it is not certain at the moment whether he has a lawyer who could comment on his behalf.

A statement from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office alleges Mobley intentionally shot the pit bull mix in the face, and that he was fully aware of the shot causing the dog severe, life-threatening injuries. He allegedly told the police officials that he used a 20-gauge shotgun to put the dog down.

According to Mobley, the dog was showing early signs of rabies infection, as noted by an arrest affidavit obtained by the media outlet. The affidavit further alleges he told cops that he found it to be a better option to kill the dog because he “didn’t have no time for the vet that morning.”

Reports say that the poor dog was shot between the eyes and dropped along the side of the road. Gloria was later found on October 9 by a stranger who took her to the vet and she was later transferred to Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission, Kansas, for treatment. Police said that the bullet entered the dog's nasal cavity, continuing into her cheek and to the back of her mouth before exiting her cheek.

Danielle Reno, CEO of Unleashed Pet Rescue, called the crime an “act of horrid cruelty” and “unthinkably cruel” on Facebook. Gloria, as per reports, also had to undergo a number of surgeries to remove the remnants of several shattered teeth.

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