These are the 12 kinds of friends everyone has, which one are you?

Friends are the greatest gifts of our lives and they are the ones who make our lives so much more enjoyable. They fight with us, play with us, listen to us and they are the closest people in our lives. They are usually the ones who would stand by us when everything goes down the drain. But they come in all different types. There are 12 kinds of friends almost all of us have and here we have listed them all. Find out which of your friends belongs to which category.

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#1 The loud one

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We all have a friend who is loud and doesn't care a bit about it. They are outspoken and extremely energetic. They can be loud to a point where it becomes really annoying but we still love them because they are just the way they are.

#2 The diva

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There is always that one friend who acts like a diva. There's always something or the other that they need and their tantrums are just too much. They would always have their noses high in the air but we still can't help but love them.

#3 The parent

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One will always find a friend who is more of a parent than a friend. They are like our guardians, advising us, looking out for us and being there when we need them the most. They are like true blessings and we need them more than we deserve them.

#4 The sarcastic one

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There is no group which does not have a person who isn't sarcastic. They are the funny and witty ones who are always ready with a quick remark and a crazy line to crack you up. Life would actually be quite boring without them in our lives.

#5 The philosopher

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The philosopher friend is the one who would always act all wise and lost in thoughts. They are the thinkers who you'll find talking about deep things and there's actually nothing they won't have an opinion on. Friend, philosopher and a guide...they are the one.

#6 The gossiper

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We definitely have that one friend who has all the gossip in the world. It's like their job to know about everyone and everything and they love sharing what they know. Life would be so dull and drab without them spicing things up.

#7 The emotional one

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That one friend who can break down at the smallest things is one we all have. They are sensitive and their emotions run high. You really need to walk on your toes with them but we do end up caring about them so much.

#8 The broke one

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Don't we all have that one friend who is always broke? It doesn't matter how much they earn or what time of the month it is, they will always be out of cash and asking for some. Though they get annoying, we still have them in our lives as we love the person.

#9 The smart one

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The smart one in the group is the one everyone expects big things from. They are ambitious, driven, and they are full of ideas. They are usually the ones you would go for motivation and they would give you the most practical advice ever.

#10 The one who's always late

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We cannot deny the fact that there is always that one friend who would always be late no matter what. It's like they have no concept of time and despite repeated requests, they would still come late. You can try gifting them a watch but it really wouldn't matter that much.

#11 The one who keeps cribbing

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Yes, the one friend who has to complain about everything. They will complain about how bright the day is or how dark the night is and basically everything else they can complain about. We do get annoyed with them but still tolerate them as that's what good friends do.

#12 The BFF

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And finally the crown jewel, our best friend forever. They are almost our soulmates and there's hardly a thing that they don't know about us. They are the first ones we call when we feel like talking and they'll be the first ones to come to our aid. They are angels and they are the people we really cannot replace in our lives.

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