Mom weans off her three-week-old child and encourages moms to feed their babies formula

A widely debated topic around motherhood is whether breastfeeding is better than formula for the child. Though many studies claim that breastfed babies are smarter and more successful, this Australian mother thinks otherwise. 

Twenty one-year-old blogger, Tahlia Aubusson, has voiced her support for mothers who feed their babies formulas after she faced shaming for doing the same, reported Daily Mail.

Tahlia Abusson with her baby boy Arlington. (Source: Instagram)

The mother of two, who gave birth to a baby boy in early January, decided to get him off breastfeeding in three weeks.

The stylista, who is the founder of Housewife Style blog, revealed that her decision was met with judgments, questions, tips, and advice, with some even trying to convince her to keep on breastfeeding.

"Ok, get the rotten tomatoes ready to throw and I'll go and get my raincoat because I can guarantee this blog will receive judgment, sad but true," she wrote on her blog, "But sometimes things just need to be said."

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Aubusson, whose daughter is three years old, said there was too much support for mothers who breastfeed and very little for those who don't.

"I've never actually seen any judgment towards breastfeeding in the first place. Hasn't it always been supported?" she said.

"It is after all the natural way to feed your child since, well, humans existed. I've never seen anyone try to enforce someone to not breastfeed and whilst there might be the odd person here and there that gets offended by seeing a woman's naked breast, overall breast feeding is absolutely normal and accepted in society. What about the women that willingly choose to not breast feed?"

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Aubussan said many mothers don't admit to formula feeding as it invites a crazy amount of scrutiny and people tend to be judgmental about them.

"How often do you see a photo posted of a mother doing a formula feed? Yep, you guessed it never. Why? Because that woman knows for sure she will be judged," she said, "Why? Because one day someone decided to make every woman on earth feel like a failure if they didn't breast feed because they created the term "BREAST IS BEST" but best for who?"

Aubusson with her daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Aubusson said she struggled to breastfeed her first-born as she had very low lactation and was unable to fix it despite making a lot of efforts. Her low milk capacity made the breastfeeding experience very depressing and she felt guilty about not being able to do so.

The experience was so traumatic that it robbed her of the joy of being a new mother.

"I pumped day and night just to be able to give my daughter the smallest amount of this so called "liquid gold" however for me it was basically just like water so how much nutrition was my daughter actually getting? I had no idea," she said.

Her struggle with breastfeeding her daughter lasted four months before she decided to go with the formula.

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"My milk literally dried up over night that's how little I had! The thing is, the only reason I tried so hard and felt so much pressure to keep on trying was because I was led to believe breast is best and that bonding with my baby would be compromised," she said.

"It was literally thrown in my face from the second I became pregnant and like most mothers I believed it! But was it best? In my case, absolutely not, it wasn't best for me and my mental health and it wasn't best for my daughter and her physical health, she simply wasn't getting enough.

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"Was my relationship and bonding with Ambria compromised? Not at all, we have a beautiful mother daughter relationship and she is as smart as they come for her age."

Though her milk supply was much better the second time around, it was still painful and not just for her.

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"Over the last few days the pain has started to subside and my supply is good but I don't enjoy breast feeding and I don't get that beautiful empowering feeling some women describe.

"Whilst that's so beautiful for them that they experience those emotions through breast feeding, I, for whatever reason, don't! In fact, I get anxious sitting there for half an hour thinking of things that need to be done."

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She signed off by stressing that it was okay to not breastfeed. 

"I wish you all well and really hope you have a successful breast feeding journey but if you don’t it’s no big deal and if you don’t want to? Who cares? The only person that needs to be happy and comfortable with your decision is you! This is your world of motherhood and you need to do what works for your world and do it with confidence.

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"Don’t waste these precious months and years of our children being little putting pressure on yourself and feeling guilty over things that really should have no guilt associated with it. All our babies need is love. Oh and milk, however it comes."

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