5 Most common conflicts between couples and how to solve them

Couples disagree, couples argue and couples fight. This is true even for couples who have been together for decades. They may know all the good, bad and ugly about each other and yet they would fight. The point is: two people need not always agree on everything but there are ways to deal with disagreements in a healthy way.

Here are the 5 most common reasons of conflict between couples and how to solve them. 

#5 Chores

A home is not built in a day and its upkeep takes a lifetime. Household chores become an important part of a couple's life. The conflict arises, most commonly, because one of the partners is busy keeping scores. "I do all the work at home while you go out and have fun" or  "I always buy groceries, why can't you do it for once?" are some examples of how a conflict arises. Trivial issues have the potential to turn into a nightmare, but there's a way to deal with them comfortably.

How to deal with it?

Division of labor is the simplest way of avoiding such conflicts. Since most of the chores are recurring, you have a good idea of who is good at doing what. For instance, if the lady is comfortable driving kids to the school, the guy can easily go ahead and get the groceries. Avoid keeping count to make sure it's a discussion and not a fight.

#4 Work

Most relationships today have both members pursuing a career of their own. In such cases, it is difficult to manage work and home at the same time. It becomes difficult to find time for each other under the circumstances. Before you know it, the inability of partners to give time to each other becomes personal and couples end up blaming each other for a decline in interest in each other. This could get really ugly with time.

How to deal with it?

Be clear in communicating your aspirations and work schedules to each other. Make time to spend with each other as there is no substitute for physical company. Fix a date night and stick to it. If possible, text or call your partner in between work to let them know that you are thinking of them. Surprise them at work (if possible and appropriate).

#3 Money

Money matters can easily create a rift between a couple if they aren't careful. Your spending habits, your income, your priorities etc. may be different from your partner. This causes friction with time and needs to be tackled tactfully.

How to deal with it?

Have the 'money talk' as early as possible in a relationship. Be frank about your income, expenses, liabilities and other financial aspects before you get into a serious relationship. Make sure you are comfortable with each other's perception of money. Once you both are on the same page, money would stop mattering gradually and you'll be able to move forward easily.

#2 Unmet Expectations

Every person expects something out of the other, no matter how much they deny it. And it is fair to have expectations if you intend to spend your lives together. The problem arises when there's a mismatch between expectations and reality. This creates friction that can easily escalate into bitter hate. 

How to deal with it?

Make sure to communicate your expectations to each other to understand exactly what you are looking for. Even if you don't meet each other's expectations, at least you would know the reasons and understand the intent, which will help you dissolve the problem with relative ease.

#1 Sex

Sex is fun, right? But, believe it! Sex is also one of the biggest reasons that causes war between couples. It may be anything from unsatisfactory performance, unusual desires, bad experiences in the past or being too demanding. The point is: sex can cause dissatisfaction, uneasiness and may result in unreasonable fights. Sex may be fun but when it comes to a relationship, sex is serious business.

How to deal with it?

The first thing to realize is that sex has to be a mutually satisfying experience. You have to talk about things that you are comfortable and uncomfortable with. Most couples do not give physical intimacy the importance it deserves and end up either over doing it or under doing it. Talk openly to each other about your likes and dislikes and take it from there. 

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