10 things only intelligent people get about dating and relationships

What exactly is a Type A personality? Type A individuals tend to be extremely competitive and super self-critical. They tend to strive and work hard towards their goals without stopping to think of their accomplishments and achievements. 

These people also experience a sense of urgency and are constantly on the move to get things done. Their biggest struggle is against the clock and they will do whatever it takes to maximize their efficiency and productivity. These people like to have a definitive and solid plan and hate it when life gets vague.

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Type A personality people have a very different outlook on relationships and life. These are 10 ways that type A personality people deal with relationships and dating: 

10) You have some pretty good and heated sex

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The thing is if you and your partner are equally invested in satisfying each other, then that leads to nothing but good sex. Type A personality people are usually very invested in their partner's pleasure and will do what it takes to make it a good session. Such people will find a way to get both partners there. 

9) You love well-planned and well-thought-out dates 

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You are one of those people who love and appreciate a well-thought-out plan or date. You don't sit well with last minute random plans and like things to be structured and organized before. If the guy tends to plan stuff ahead of time, you are automatically sold and will go ahead with anything. 

8) You have your own high standards which is totally fine 

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Others people may be okay with dating a guy who sleeps on an air mattress even after three years of staying in the same apartment but not you. You need a guy who has his shit together and seems to head in some direction in life. You are not trying to be judgemental but you would like to date someone who has got their shit together. 

7) There is nothing known as a spontaneous sleepover 

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You are one of those who likes to come back to your own bed at the end of the night and no you are not comfortable in sleeping in someone's hall. If you are spending the night out, then you need to know well ahead of time so you can plan and take your stuff accordingly. You may not let anyone know that you are prepared but you always are. 

6) You like to play the field 

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By default, you choose to date more than one person until otherwise agreed upon. You tend to multitask with everything so why should this be any different? It is only natural to you to not put all your eggs in one basket and keep your options open and free. 

5) You are direct and upfront 

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You are one of those people who follow the 'what you see is what you get' and are extremely direct and upfront about things. There is no point in beating around the bush and you would much rather get straight to the point and approach everything head first rather than shy away from it. 

4) You have to fight yourself not to check your phone on a date

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Just because you get the urge to check your phone on a date does not mean that you are bored or something. You are one of those people who like to keep updated with everything that is going on. Hence, checking your phone is a must so that you don't end up missing something important. 

3) Netflix and no chill 

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You cannot just Netflix and chill because wasting that much of time doing absolutely nothing productive makes you feel very guilty. The thing is that you could also look at spending the day in bed watching Netflix as relaxing but you are one of those people who will feel guilty for the rest of the week for taking one day off. 

2) You have the need to label stuff right away 

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This does not mean that you are extra clingy or desperate to mark and label stuff. It is the fact that you genuinely enjoy labeling things and everything in your house is labeled from your underwear to your wires. Hence, it only makes sense that you would want to label your relationship as well. 

1) You need and appreciate some solid plans 

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You hate the to dilly-dally with plans and do not like to be vague about it. You don't like to wait around for people and look for some proper functioning structure and rigor in your life. You need to have some solid plans to be satisfied and at ease. All people are different and have different personalities and opinions on life. It is best not to judge one another but to accept each other for the way we are. With a good amount of open communication, anything is possible!

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