What work of art do you resemble the most? A google app can now compare selfies to fine art

Take a selfie and discover if there is a portrait of your doppelganger in a museum with the help of the new Google Arts & Culture app.

The internet has lately seen a rise in the selfie trend that has enveloped the masses with a craze. Our selfie phenomenon has also reached outer space showing the sky is not the limit for someone who wants to click that perfect selfie. Taking a selfie has already been branded the modern equivalent to posing for hours together as some famous artist paints an art-breaking, lavish portrait of you. 

All thanks to the front-facing cameras on smartphones, people now have the chance to indulge in some narcissistic behavior as they flood their gallery with pictures of themselves. 

Google has seized the opportunity of the rising selfie trend and come up with a new feature on their app that allows one to compare themselves to fine works of art displayed in museums throughout the world.

With the Google Arts and Culture app - available for iOS and Android, you can now upload a selfie and find your doppelganger. Everybody has a doppelganger and if you haven't found yours yet, chances are you've been looking in the wrong place.

The app was introduced in 2016 and was used for learning about fine art and culture but this is a new feature that has gone viral as social media sees itself spammed with images of people comparing themselves to strikingly similar artworks displayed in museums. 

However, you can't upload one of your best selfies onto the app. You have to use the app's camera. But honestly, the less flattering your photo is, the better. It will also bring a smile on your face because let's face it - the app is pretty accurate. Not to mention, people get a first-hand experience of the wonders AI is capable of. 

Some users tried to test the ability of artificial intelligence, uploading selfies to mess with it, to hilarious effect.

Aside from finding your long-lost twin, this app also allows you to gain additional knowledge of it. If you are someone with an aptitude and love for History, then this app is for you! 

The iTunes preview of how to use the Google Arts & Culture app:

"Meet the people, visit the places and learn about the events that shaped our world. Discover collections curated by experts from the most famous museums. Be moved by stories depicted in thousands of photos, videos, manuscripts and artworks on every type of screen and in virtual reality. Find your favorite artworks, create your own collections and share them with friends."

However, people seem to be thrilled about the new feature that allows them to discover their look-alike. Twitter has recently seen numerous posts where people have shared their results. 

Seriously though, just by trying a couple of different poses and angles, you can get some pretty interesting results. While taking selfies are a fun past time, it also seems to be Google's way of drawing you in and getting you hooked.

Once you get bored of exploring the many artworks from the many museums the app contains, you can also use the app in tons of other ways. You can zoom in on artworks from around the world, experience a virtual reality exhibit using the Google Cardboard viewer, filter artwork by color and time period, and also stay up to date about the events taking place in museums around you.    

The app is a fun way to get a little culture into your life and ultimately it is much rewarding than the less-than-perfect selfie you had to take to get your perfect match.

The selfie feature in the Google Arts & Culture app reportedly isn't available everywhere. But hopefully, it will be soon before we all tire of scrolling through numerous selfies that look like fine works of art.  

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