It's Mueller Time: Internet memes go viral as Robert Mueller draws up charges in Russia meddling in US election

Everybody wants to know

Russia! Investigations! Counter investigations! Dossiers! Uranium! Trump! Hillary!

Phew, the Russia storyline is getting more and more confusing with each passing day. And the sheer number of developments in recent times hasn't helped the average pbserver. So will special counsel Robert Mueller be able to untangle the tangled webs in the entire Trump-Russia-collusion narrative? Perhaps. 

Mueller’s team has reportedly filed the first criminal charges into the Russia meddling inquiry. (Getty Images)

Mueller was appointed in May to lead the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. And now there is news that Mueller’s team has filed the first criminal charges as part of the sprawling inquiry. A federal grand jury in Washington has reported approved approved the first charges, which have been sealed. An arrest could come by Monday, CNN and Reuters have claimed. 

While there is no indication of who has been charged, how many have been charged, or what charges had been filed by Mueller’s team, the development has definitely ramped up the excitement among web users, who are now thrilled at the thought of the Trump family ending up behind bars.

And they are expressing their joy in dozens of hilarious memes—this time under the hashtag #MuellerTime. Take a look.

Meme of steel


Law and order


Have a beer and kick back

Child's play


He has Donald's tax returns




It's Mueller time


The suspense is killing


Indictment Monday

Holy rats in a trap


Eagerly waiting for Monday

Season for indictments


Impeach Trump


Russiagate: Mueller closes in 


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