Woman slammed for revealing she wants to break up with boyfriend after he reveals he was raped as a child

Following her reveal, the 20-year-old asked Redditors if she was an a****le for wanting to let go of him. And they did not stop from letting her know.

A 20-year-old woman is being slammed by Redditors for revealing that she wanted to break up with her boyfriend after he revealed to her that he was raped as a kid. 

Taking to Reddit, the young woman said she is dating a 24-year-old for the past five months, and to whom she was attracted because he was tall, muscular and dominant. She added that her feeling for him have changed after he revealed to her recently that he was raped by his stepbrother when he was 11-years-old.

She also revealed she is thinking about ending the relationship.

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However, this did not go down with many redditors, 

"I like him. However, even though our sex life is good he's been having trouble performing starting a week and a half ago. I thought it was me at first so I asked him and he started to break down a bit before crying. He's just started seeing a therapist or "counselor" about his childhood. Then he tells me that he was raped as an 11-year-old by his stepbrother, multiple times when he was young."

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"I completely understand that it's horrible being a rape victim but honestly I don't know if I could see him the same way again. I had this image of him that's completely shattered and honestly every time I see him text me I just feel weird now...We're not broken up yet but I'm considering it kinda," she added. 

I'm not sure he deserves you. (Reddit)

Following her reveal, she asked Redditors if she was an a***le for wanting to let go of him. And they did not stop from letting her know.

"Your view of him was shattered because he was the victim of an awful, traumatic experience? Boohoo. He was raped. I hope nobody ever has to show you the kindness your boyfriend needs from you right now," wrote one user.

While another added, "Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame. You've disrespected every man who's ever been raped. You've disrespected every rape victim. You've disrespected my friends who've been raped. F*** you. I hate you. GO ahead and leave him. He deserves far, far better."

Though the brickbats, woman still defended her move.

Replying to a sexual assault survivor she wrote, "First off I am completely sorry you had to go through sexual assault and I have so much respect for you as a survivor. Many of my closest friends are rape victims [whom] I advocate for. But as a woman, just separating yourself, can you understand why I would just instinctively feel this way after seeing and hearing this?"