Autistic girl, 7, brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by 5-year-old boys inside play structure at Albany McDonald's

The girl's mother was unable to see a portion of the play structure where the two boys, both five, allegedly attacked her seven-year-old daughter at the Albany McDonald's

An Oregon mother has filed a $15 million lawsuit against a McDonalds's in Albany claiming that her seven-year-old daughter with autism was beaten, stomped on, and sexually abused by two five-year-old boys inside a play structure at the restaurant.

According to The Oregonian, the civil lawsuit, which was filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Portland on Monday, March 18, claims the incident took place at the Albany McDonald's at 3232 E. Pacific on March 4. It names McDonald's Corp and Beaulaurier Enterprises, the company that operates the Albany location, as the defendants.

The lawsuit alleges that the assault took place at a McDonald's in Albany (Source: Google Maps)

Speaking to the Oregonian, the girl's mother said he had been watching her daughter play from a table nearby but was unable to see a portion of the structure on the second floor, which is where the two boys, both said to be five, allegedly attacked.

She said she suddenly heard her daughter screaming and rushed inside the play structure to find the two boys pinning her daughter to the bottom of the slide on the second story. One of them, she revealed, was straddling her daughter and beating her chest and face.

"Her nose was bleeding," the mother said. "She was screaming. I had to pull him off of her, and I just kept screaming, 'Whose child is this?' It was so loud in there, no one heard me at first. And then finally the parents came running."

The lawsuit has been filed at the Multnomah County Circuit Court (Source: Google Maps)

The lawsuit filed in connection to the incident explains that the victim had autism and that she told her mother the boys had sexually abused her by kissing her "boobies and pee-pee". Portland attorney Michael Fuller, who is representing the girl and her family, said the victim had also claimed she was stomped on the nose.

The mother said the incident has left her daughter afraid to go anywhere alone and that she now has trouble sleeping. She revealed the seven-year-old is now seeing a psychiatrist to try to vocalize what happened to her and how she is processing it and that she randomly asks, "Why did those boys do that?"

The Daily Mail reported that the lawsuit accuses McDonald's of negligence and states that the corporation created an "unreasonably dangerous condition" by making access to the play structure "severely obstructed." It also claims that McDonald's failed to hire and train personnel to supervise children in the play area to keep costs down and to maximize profits.

The lawsuit has requested a jury trial.