Christian girl who was saving herself for marriage is now selling her virginity, after tragedy struck

The 23-year-old from Wisconsin was brought up in a strict Christian household. An adopted daughter of devout parents and a graduate of an all-girls boarding school - Bailey was the quintessential 'good girl.'

Bailey was the quintessential good girl! (Source:

She had been saving herself for marriage but after a heartbreaking split from her ex-boyfriend, she has now decided to sell her virginity at Nevada's famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. 

Bailey grew up very sheltered, raised by parents holding strong religious values. She was never allowed to watch TV, listen to any music apart from Christian music, have friends over, nor any sleepovers. Her father was an elder at her home church. When she was just 16, she was sent to an all-girls boarding school in Missouri, where she had absolutely no contact with boys. 

The 23-year-old was saving herself for marriage but is not offering her chastity for the take. (Source:

Many find it hard to believe that the 23-year-old is still a virgin. Needless to say, the lack of male company and her strict religious upbringing contributed to her virgin status. 

In a blog post, Bailey mentioned, she was given up for adoption when she was just a year old by her mother who found it hard to cope, having another child and college applications to deal with. She was taken to Sacramento, California, where her strict adoptive parents looked after her. 

Bailey was brought up in a strict Christian household and was sent to all an all-girls college. (Source:

After graduating from college, she was contacted by her biological father and went to North Carolina. After which, she visited Wisconsin to live with her fraternal grandmother. 

Over there, she met a Christian boy and fell in love. The boy agreed with her decision to wait until marriage to start a sexual relationship. She soon discovered her boyfriend had cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend whom he slept with on Valentine's Day. Even after which she resolved to stay with him and resorted to couple's therapy instead.

During the therapy, he confessed to having cheated on her the second time. 

What led Bailey to sell her virginity is the heartbreaking split from her ex-boyfriend. (Source:

Bailey wrote in her blog post: “My ex-boyfriend was a Christian at the time and I did not wish to have a sexual relationship with him until we were married.

“Knowing I was a virgin, he respected my values for a while. I learned love can be deceiving when I discovered he slept with his ex on Valentine’s Day.”

Bailey wants to use the money she receives from the auction to make her life better. (Source:

It was this heartbreaking split that caused Bailey to contact Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof. 

'After grieving for a while, I came to the conclusion that waiting until marriage to lose my virginity was the wrong decision because my ex-boyfriend wasn’t worth waiting for.'

Bailey hopes to use the money she receives from the auction to make better her life. 

Bailey says society may shame her but she is okay with that. It is her body and she can do what she wants with it. (Source:

She said: "Society perceives me as a deviant, and I am okay with that. At the end of the day, it is my body. I have the right do what I want with it. 

"Going to the Bunny Ranch allows me to legally have sex for money. Does this make me a prostitute? I don’t know. If you take a picture once, does that make you a photographer?

"I do not think that capitalizing on your purity makes you a bad person. Just like having sex with multiple men does not make you a bad person. We all make choices. Mine was to wait. Now it is to sell."

Bailey wanted to lose her virginity in the most profitable way so she decided to get something for her virginity - something that was of a massive benefit to her and her life. 

Bailey is a nice girl, Dennis Hof says and 'the world threw her a nasty curveball.' (Source:

Dennis Hof initially never responded to her email, but eventually agreed to meet up with her. Now they are auctioning her virginity and it's being run on the Ranch's website. Such business deals are not uncommon at the Ranch, having sold the virginity of Natalie Dylan for millions of dollars back in 2008. 

Hof said: "She wanted to save herself for the right guy and live what she thought was a wholesome and righteous life, and the world threw her a nasty curveball. So many millennials find it difficult to get their footing in today’s post-recession America, and young women have it harder than anyone.

"I applaud Bailey for using every commodity at her disposal to make a better life for herself and cultivate a prosperous future.'

50% of the final bid will go to the brothel while the rest will be kept by Bailey. (Source:

All inquiries and bids on Bailey's virginity and the identities of the bidders will be kept confidential. 50% of the final bid will go to the brothel while the rest will be kept by Gibson herself.

Like Moonlite Bunny Ranch, there are other services out there which claim to let women sell their virginity to the highest bidder. 

Last November we reported how a 19-year-old model was going to sell her virginity to an Abu Dhabi-based businessman for $3 million. 

Giselle contacted a German website to sell her virginity (Source: Giselle)

The girl identified as Giselle sold her virginity to a rich Abu Dhabi-based businessman for an eye-watering $3.9 million on the controversial website Cinderella Escorts.

Cinderella Escorts released a statement that revealed that the winning bid of 2.5 million euro ($3.87 million) had trumped an offer of $3.16 million from an unidentified Hollywood actor and $2.37 million from a Russian political personality.

Giselle on her part is happy to sell her virginity and fulfill her dreams that she had for so long (Source: Giselle)

While Bailey is taking this step after having her heartbroken, Giselle believes she is doing this for emancipation and women's freedom. She said: "A women’s movement that advocates freedom and self-determination of sexuality and finally breaks the taboo about a woman’s virginity. In retrospect, how many would probably give up their first time if they could have 2.5 million euros instead?"

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