Cop asks woman with outstanding arrest warrant to perform oral sex on him in exchange for 'squashing' the document

33-year-old Officer Richard Daniel of the Tucson Police Department responded to a report that a dispute was taking place between a clerk and a woman inside a 7-Eleven on January 13

Court documents have shown that an Arizona police officer ignored a woman's arrest warrant in exchange for oral sex after a confrontation took place at a convenience store earlier in the month. 33-year-old Officer Richard Daniel of the Tucson Police Department, a three-year veteran of the department, responded to a report that a dispute was taking place between a clerk and a woman inside a 7-Eleven on January 13.

The officer then spotted the woman as she was walking back home and, according to newly released court documents, Daniel found out that she had an outstanding arrest warrant.

A report in Arizona Republic stated that the woman then asked Daniel not to contact authorities about the outstanding warrant because she knew she would go to jail.

Authorities in Tucson said that the officer then asked the woman to perform oral sex on him and she declined the request. This made Daniel then ask the woman to have sex which she also declined citing pregnancy.

Court records show that Daniel then suggested that he take the woman to another location but she objected before finally agreeing to take up the cop on his initial request of oral sex. The authorities said that the woman said she first needed to ask her husband for permission and referenced their past experience as swingers. Documents also show that the woman's husband told authorities that his wife entered their apartment with Daniel in tow.

The woman proceeded to tell her husband that the officer had asked her for oral sex and had assured her that her outstanding warrant would be "squashed" if she complied. The husband told authorities later that he was shocked when he heard what his wife said and that Daniel only shrugged his shoulders when he asked him if it was true.

The husband then left the apartment to go to the convenience store and find out more about the alleged confrontation his wife had earlier.According to court documents, the woman was afraid for her safety and suggested another sex act to the officer but he allegedly insisted on oral sex.

The woman then performed it and the officer then used a tissue to clean himself. Daniel also told the woman that she better take care of her arrest warrant or she would have to go to jail. Records show that he then left the apartment.

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When police investigators met Daniel in his home later, he refused to answer any of their questions without an attorney present.

The investigators had a search warrant, however, and this allowed them to collect samples of his DNA as well as comb through his locker where documents show the investigators found condoms and crumpled tissues that contained "an unknown substance". The substance on the tissue turned out to be a match with Daniel's DNA and this led to his arrest on January 20.

The officer was taken into custody on charges of unlawful sexual conduct as a peace officer and tampering with physical evidence. A spokesperson for the Pima County Sheriff's Office said that Daniel has since been released pending his next appearance in court.

The Arizona Daily Star reported that an investigation was launched after the woman's husband called to file a complaint against Daniel four days after the incident.

Assistant Police Chief Carla Johnson told the newspaper that he has been placed on administrative leave without pay and has also received a notice of intent to terminate his employment with the department. Johnson said: "We take these allegations very seriously. Officer Daniel’s conduct — if it’s true, if these allegations are correct — it’s appalling, and it’s not reflective of the men and women who serve and protect this community every day."