Unknown Mortal Orchestra announce new album 'IC-01 Hanoi' set for October release

The New Zealand based psychedelic rockers return with an experimental jazz instrumental album, preview lead single 'Hanoi 6.' Listen below.

It's barely been five months since New Zealand's psychedelic rock group Unknown Mortal Orchestra dropped their latest album 'Sex & Food.' But surprise! The electrifying act has just announced a new album set to drop this October.

Titled 'IC-01 Hanoi', UMO's latest offering is going to be a series of instrumental sessions born out of the recording process for the band’s previous album. The title is a reference to where they recorded the previous album, as the band hunkered down at Pha Sa Studios in Hanoi, Vietnam.

As Pitchfork reports, band members Ruban Nielson and Jacob Portrait, along with Ruban’s brother Kody Nielson, threw together some impromptu sessions with Nielson patriarch Chris and local musician Minh Nguyen, resulting in the seven tracks that comprise the album.

Described as “a sonic distillation of the band’s influences in Jazz, Krautrock, and the avant-garde,” Hanoi is set to be a hard turn for the band as they embark on an exploratory journey with deliberate roots in the experimental works of Miles Davis. The album is set for an October 26 release via Jagjaguwar.

In anticipation of the release, UMO has shared the lead single 'Hanoi 6', a ten-minute track full of bendy electric guitars chaotic saxophone wails; Vietnamese instruments like the sáo trúc, all rolled into a sprawling freeform jazz landscape. Listen to the new single below, followed by the full tracklisting of the album and the cover art for the same.

Tracklisting for 'IC-01 Hanoi':

01. Hanoi 1
02. Hanoi 2
03. Hanoi 3
04. Hanoi 4
05. Hanoi 5
06. Hanoi 6
07. Hanoi 7

Album art for 'IC-01 Hanoi':

Cover art for Unknown Mortal Orchestra's upcoming album 'IC-01 Hanoi'.