The Breeders drop new album 'All Nerve' with original lineup after 25 years: Listen

The alternative outfit's first album in a decade is something of a reunion.

It’s been two and a half decades since The Breeders put out an album featuring their original lineup of sisters Kim (ex-bassist for The Pixies) and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson.

That changed on Friday (March 2) with the release of 'All Nerve', the first effort all four members have worked on together since 1993’s 'Last Splash'. The LP is the alternative outfit's fifth studio album overall and is a follow-up to 2008's 'Mountain Battles'.

As CoS points out, it was actually the group’s last record together that led to this most recent one. The group got together five years ago to celebrate Last Splash’s 20th anniversary with a tour. The spark was reignited and they decided to make new music together once again. Slowly but surely, 'All Nerve came' into being as they recorded in studios across the country. 

A host of producers worked on the album including the likes of Steve Albini, Mike Montgomery, Greg Norman, and Tom Rastikis. The Breeders were also joined by Courtney Barnett, who provided backing vocals for 'Howl at the Summit' along with her bandmates Bones Sloane and Dave Mudie and their touring crew member Dylan Ransom-Hughes.

Much of the songwriting took place in the basement practice space of Kim Deal’s Dayton, Ohio home, just like the good old days for the band. The plan wasn’t explicitly to make an album, as the group opted instead to simply work on songs together like friends thinking about starting a new band again. This led to perhaps a long writing and recording process, but also a reportedly relaxed one.

“I really had a great time doing it. I loved doing it,” Kim Deal told Huffington Post. “I was happy when I knew Josephine was coming out. It got everybody excited. It was fun having Jim come over, and Kelley. I really did enjoy it. It was quite an accomplishment."

The album has been fairly well received with Pitchfork giving it a score of 7.1 and calling it "smoothly confident with many moments of bliss, even as the lyrics evoke isolation, frustration, and scuzz." Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album 4 stars as well and declared that the band is 'in peak form' yet again.

Apple Music and Spotify users can listen to the full album below:

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