Tame Impala's Kevin Parker collaborates with ZHU to release new song 'My Life': Listen

Kevin Parker has also been performing as half of a DJ-duo with Mark Ronson, and is expected to be working on a project with him as well as SZA.

Kevin Parker’s interest in dance music is no secret. The one-man band, who records under the moniker of Tame Impala, works more like a producer than a band leader, often recording and mixing all the elements of his work single-handedly, draws heavily from the world of electronic music. Making guitars sound like synths and using looping drums to form steady, hypnotic, psychedelic beats, Tame Impala’s sound has been leaning more and more towards dance music, which is most evident in the latest 2013 release, ‘Currents’.

Since then, Parker’s worked with Lady Gaga and Miguel, performed as a DJ-duo with Mark Ronson and is rumored to be involved in a collaborative album with SZA and Ronson.

For Parker’s latest genre-bending adventure, he has collaborated with Chinese-American electronic artist ZHU on a new track titled ‘My Life’. You can listen to the song below:

The collaboration was highly anticipated by fans. Back in January, the electronic artist teased the potential collaboration with Parker, both on Twitter and on-stage. 'My Life' follows ZHU’s EP stardustexhalemarrakechedreams, released last August. His studio album Generationwhy arrived in 2016. 

The track is a far stretch from most of Parker's body of work. The poppy dance hook is laid thick from the get go as Parker sings the refrain "Don't tell me how to live my life" in his typical extra-reverb drowned vocal style. Although it retains, in some sense the fluid psychedelic transitions of Tame Impala, make no mistake that this is very much a dance track. The track’s hook, the repeated “let me live my life,” comes out so fast that Parker nearly stumbles on the words! Indeed, it's something completely out of character for Parker and we can't wait to see what he'll do next.

Meanwhile, Tame Impala is all set to headline the Pitchfork Music Festival on the first day and might have a few more tour dates to announce for the year so stay tuned to know more.

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