On David Gilmour's 72nd birthday, read Pink Floyd's rare comic book program to The Dark Side of the Moon

Dubbed as a “Super, All-Action Official Music Programme for Boys and Girls,” the comic was designed in 1975 in support of the band's Dark Side of the Moon tour.

Today is David Gimour's 72nd birthday. To celebrate the occassion, we present to you a particularly eye-catching nugget from the treasure trove of of artworks, urban legends, recordings and memorabilia that are a by-product of Pink Floyd's gargantuan career. 

'The Pink Floyd' is a comic book program, designed by Hipgnosis for Pink Floyd’s 1975 tour supporting The Dark Side of the Moon. Typical of the art-rock group's style, this 15 page comic book was dubbed as a “Super, All-Action Official Music Programme for Boys and Girls.” Check out the cover to the comic book below:

Image Source: Pinterest

Described as “somewhere halfway between ‘professional promotional item’ and ‘schoolboy’s notebook scribbling’,” the comic is populated by short, quirky, fictional tales, one for each member of the band. Roger Waters becomes a champion footballer, Nick Mason becomes a daring ship captain, Rick Wright becomes a salacious high-roller, and birthday boy David Gilmour becomes a daring motorcyclist who goes by the name of “Dave Derring.”

The penultimate page of the comic includes the lyrics to three new songs the band was working on at the time and playing live during the Dark Side of the Moon Tour: “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” and two unreleased tracks, “Raving and Drooling” and “Gotta Be Crazy”—which later turned into “Sheep” and “Dogs,” respectively, on the Floyd's tenth studio album, 1977's 'Animals'.

The best part of the comic though, is a ‘Life Lines’ card, that asks each band member about such trivia as age, weight, height, “philosophical beliefs,” “sexual proclivities,” “political leanings,” and “musical hates.” Most of the answers are of the flippant, smartass variety, but there is one that catches the eye:

David Gilmour lists “drugs, booze, women etc etc” under his ‘Greatest Weaknesses’!

Another interesting catch is the fact that out of all the wisecrack answers on the page, it looks like the bandmates are sincere about one question - 'Favorite Film'. The answers are 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls', Ingmar Bergman's 'The Seventh Seal', Cool Hand Luke, and Alejandro Jodorowsky's 'El Topo'. You can read the comic below or download it here to figure out which movie is whose favorite!

[Image Credits: Pinterest]

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