Mel C confirms that Victoria Beckham is not interested in a Spice Girls reunion: ‘It’s not something she wants to do’

Mel C throws light on the reunion plan of Spice Girls and it looks like Victoria Beckham is not too keen on it.

Mel C has cleared all our doubts and made sure that the message is loud and clear about the Spice Girls reunion as she hints that Victoria Beckham might be the reason that the girls are not going to reunite for a tour. In an interview with The Sun, Mel spilled the details about how Victoria is not too happy about getting back on the stage. 

Mel said that Victoria does not have plans to get back to the stage to perform (Facebook)

"Victoria has been quite vocal, it’s really not something she wants to do at this time," she said when asked about the reunion rumors that have been making rounds ever since the picture of all five of them surfaced on the internet. "I think it has to be all five, so it’s tricky," she further added. This news might be a disappointment to all their fans as the girls have decided that Spice Girls won't perform with only four band members. 

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Mel also spoke about the reunion statting that the girls just planned on meeting up and reliving their old days but had no plans of composing new music or setting off on a tour. "It’s very early stages, we’re not talking about new music or going out on the road together at this time," she said. 

"It was just getting together to reignite all the things that we have had together and to work with Simon." This comes after Mel B hinted that the Spice Girls might be performing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. However, Mel C was quick to dismiss those rumors as well. 

She made it clear that the girls won't be performing at the royal wedding as well (Facebook)

She said that it would have been the perfect occasion for all the girls to come together but unfortunately, it wasn't something that was going to happen. That would be a very fitting place for the Spice Girls to reform but unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be seeing the Spice Girls on stage this year," she said. She further added that she hadn't received an invite to the wedding.

"I’ve met PRINCE CHARLES lots of times. I’m going to ask him where my invite is because I haven't got mine yet, obviously, Mel B said she has hers," she said.  "I think Mel was just kind of having a bit of a joke. There are no plans to go to the wedding at the moment." She also added that everyone is busy in their respective lives and it just does not seem like a right fit for the girls to reunite. "We're all just dead busy. So if anything were to happen, it wouldn't be now," she said. 

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