Jack White Says 'Rock & Roll Needs An Injection Of Some New Young Blood'

Jack White is a little more than a month away from the release of his forthcoming album, Boarding House Reach. In anticipation of the March 23 release date, the musician had an interview with the KROQ program The Kevin & Bean Show where he was asked why current festival lineups come up short on rock bands.

White explained that rock is missing a “wildness,” and that although he isn’t exactly inspired by today’s rock, he feels that a resurgence is on the horizon.

“Since rock and roll’s inception, every 10, 12 years, there’s a breath of fresh air and a new injection of some sort of what you could I guess call punk attitude or something like that. A wildness," White said in the interview.

"Things get crazy and then they get crazy for a couple years, and then they kind of get subtle, and then you’ve gotta wait for the next wave to come through and get people really excited and screaming about it again,” he added.

The former White Stripes frontman went on to explain that he’s seeing an energy bubbling up in recent rock acts, even within his own record label, Third Man Records.

“We see it at Third Man all the time, a lot of young rock’n’roll acts, and I can tell in the last couple years it’s definitely different than it was five years ago. So I think it’s about to explode again.”

White also talked about his upcoming album, explaining how he assembled the disparate set of musicians who appear on the record.

"In New York, I asked Q-Tip who was the best drummer in New York, he said 'Louis Cato,' so that was good enough for me. On and on it went on like that,” the former Dead Weather guitarist revealed of the process.

"It could have been a big disaster. I was well prepared to show up and after a day and say, 'You know, it's just not working out. We tried.' But it was wonderful. Everyone was absolutely amazing. I got incredibly lucky."

You can listen to the interview below:

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