Chris Brown samples the music of Stranger Things on new track and Drake is shaking

"Stranger Things" is the first song from Lucas and Brown's forthcoming joint project, 'Angels & Demons'. Brown's long time frenemy Drake had previously expressed a desire to cameo on the Netflix show.

After teasing new music last month, up and coming lyricist Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown made it official by dropping the new single, "Stranger Things," and announcing the upcoming joint project, Angels & Demons, on Monday (Feb. 25), reports Billboard.  

Contrary to the song's title, the up-tempo visual project doesn't actually have much to do with the Netflix hit show Stranger Things. Instead, we get to see Lucas and Brown working as pest control men avoiding their day jobs. The clip opens with two artists holed up in a truck labeled "Joyner & Brown's Pest Control." The truck jerks violently which causes two policemen to come over and inspect due to a complaint from a neighbor. Brown and Lucas cruise around in the truck, rocking their pest control jumpsuits and proceed to pick up a few lovely women before throwing what looks a party in the back of the vehicle. 

Lucas shows off his lyrical prowess yet again in the song, dropping some super fast raps between the bars as Brown shows off a bit of lyrical ability as well, as he throws in a few melodic flows of his own. "Stranger Things" is the first song from Lucas and Brown's forthcoming joint project, Angels & Demons. A complete track listing and a release date for the LP are yet to be announced. Watch the video for "Stranger Things" below:

We wonder what Brown’s longtime frenemy Drake has to say about this. Last month, Drake had made his interest to cameo in Stranger Things’ next season pretty clear as he took to Instagram to share a photo with Bobby Millie Brown who plays his favorite character, Eleven, on the critically acclaimed show. He captioned the post "Hawkins' very own" as a reference to the fictional town in the show.  

According to a report by Hollywood Life, a source close to Drake reportedly said that the 'Hotline Bling' hit-maker hit it off with the 14-year-old child actor and may soon hit the big screen himself. “Drake was a teen actor too back in the day, and Millie has always had a passion for music, so bizarre as it may seem, they actually have a lot to talk about. Drake would love to start acting again, he’s made no secret about it, and yeah, of course, he would die to secure a part on Stranger Things, even if it was just a cameo role,” the source told Hollywood Life.

Drake hasn’t said anything about the Brown/Lucas project yet, but we can safely wager that he has a one-up in mind.

Your move Drake!

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