Cardi B states that female hip hop artists have been excluded from the #MeToo movement

Cardi B called out some of the men who blindly publicly stated that they support the #MeToo movement because they are doing it out of fear and not because they care.

Cardi B believes that women like her, especially in the hip-hop industry, do not have a forum or a safe space to share their stories and experiences on the sexual harassment that they have had to endure. The Bartier Cardi rapper also called out men who have publicly declared that they support the #MeToo movement. 

(Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

She spoke to Cosmopolitan, "These producers and directors. They’re not woke, they’re scared. A lot of video vixens have spoke about this and nobody gives a f—.  When I was trying to be a vixen, people were like, ‘You want to be on the cover of this magazine?’ Then they pull their d—s out. I bet if one of these women stands up and talks about it, people are going to say, ‘So what? You’re a ho. It don’t matter." 

Cardi B

During the interview, the Bodak Yellow rapper went on to talk about how no one has any respect for strippers and most people overlook the fact that it is an actual job. The former stripper resorted to stripping to avoid her abusive relationship and decided to share why she glorifies her dancing days. 

" People say, Why do you always got to say that you used to be a stripper? We get it. Because Y'all don’t respect me because of it, and Y'all going to respect these strippers from now on. Just because somebody was a stripper don’t mean they don’t have no brain," she continued. 

Many women continue to come forward with stories and horrific experiences of sexual harassment that they have faced in their work following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. In a shocking story, Jennifer Lopez recalls and reveals to Harper's Bazaar how one director commanded her to "take her shirt off and show her boobs."

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