Car Seat Headrest’s long-awaited Smash Mouth cover is finally out: Listen

Seattle based indie-rock poster children Car Seat Headrest have shared their cover of Smash Mouth‘s ‘Fallen Horses’ for streaming online.

The two artists have been going through a quid-pro-quo phase, both mutually appreciative of each other’s work.

Smash Mouth recently paid homage to Car Seat Headrest when they covered their track ‘Something Smooth’ from their 2015 album Teens of Style. Car Seat Headrest has now returned the favour by recording a version of ‘Fallen Horses’ – which featured on Smash Mouth’s 1999 album Astro Lounge.

Check out Car Seat Headrest's cover below:

The covers were a long time coming — rumors of an unlikely collaboration between the bands first surfaced in 2016 on Twitter of all places, where a random fan suggested that the two bands should collaborate on a "Split EP where each band covers a song by the other."

The Twitter request ultimately came true last week on the indie-rock radio show SiriusXMU. 

In an interview with CSH frontman Will Toledo and former Smash Mouth guitarist Greg Camp for SiriusXMU, Camp revealed that he returned to the band to record the cover once he saw the Twitter back-and-forth.

“‘Something Soon’ just automatically was speaking to me. [Toledo’s] lyrics are just amazing, that’s always the main thing I go for in the artists I listen to, the lyrics,” he said.

Earlier this month, Car Seat Headrest released their new album Twin Fantasy, a re-recording of a 2011 LP by the same name that Toledo described as “never a finished work.”

The album was exceptionally well received, being rated highly in almost all reviews.

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