Academy Awards history: The many firsts of The Oscars

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony is right around the corner. Needless to say, the Oscars has seen an amazing run and has made a lot of progress. Not to mention, it has seen a lot of firsts during the 89 years it has rewarded the film industry. Hollywood's biggest night has upped the ante year after year by breaking records and creating numerous milestones. So today, we take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at some of the firsts that have taken place at the Oscars:

1. The first people to be awarded an Oscar

In 1928 Emil Jannings for his performance in 'The Last Command', and Janet Gaynor for her performance in '7th Heaven' became the first people to be awarded an Oscar.

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2. The first movie to win an Oscar

The first movie with was awarded an Oscar was 'Wings' in 1927, a World War I drama starring Clara Bow and Charles "Buddy" Rogers.

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3. The first black performer to win an Oscar

Hattie McDaniel became the first black performer to win an Oscar in 1940 for her supporting role in 'Gone With The Wind'.

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4. The first time an Oscar was given posthumously

Sidney Howard became the first person to posthumously win an Oscar for the screenplay 'Gone With the Wind' in 1940.

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5. The first actress to win two consecutive acting awards

Luise Rainer became the first actress to win two consecutive acting awards for 1936's 'The Great Ziegfeld' and 1937's 'The Good Earth'.

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6. The first Asian actress to win an Oscar

Miyoshi Umeki became the first Asian entertainer to win an acting Oscar. The Japanese-American actress won the statue for her lead role in 'Sayonara' in 1957. She still remains the only Asian entertainer to have won an Oscar.

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7. The first person to be given two Oscars in one year

Harold Russell was awarded two Oscars in the same year, one for his role in the 1946 war film 'The Best Years of Our Lives' and an honorary Oscar for his service in World War II.

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8. First black male entertainer to receive an Oscar

Sidney Poitier became the first black male entertainer to win the best actor Oscar for his role in 'Lillies of the Field' in 1964.

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9.The first time two actress' tied for an Oscar

Barbra Streisand and Audrey Hepburn became the first performers to tie in the best actress category in 1968, for their roles in 'Funny Girl' and 'The Lion in Winter' respectively.

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10. The first Native American actor to earn an Oscar nomination

Chief Dan George in 1970 earned the first Oscar nomination by a native American for his supporting role in 'Little Big Man'.

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11. First child actor to win an Oscar

Tatum O'Neal was the first ever child actor to win an official Oscar for best supporting actor in her role in 1973's 'Paper Moon'.

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12. The first person to reject their Oscar

 George C. Scott in 1970 rejected the Oscar for his winning role in 'Patton'.

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13. First time an Oscar was given to two people for the same role 

Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro became the first actors to win Oscars for playing the same role in different movies, for their roles in 'The Godfather' in 1970 and 'The Godfather II' in 1974.

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14. First time a deaf performer won the Oscar

The first deaf performer to win an Oscar is Marlee Matlin in 1986 for her role in 'Children of a Lesser God'. It was also her debut role.

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15. First time a woman director won an Oscar 

Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman to win the best director for her war movie 'The Hurt Locker' in 2015.

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16. First time a woman won the Oscar for playing the opposite sex 

Linda Hunt won an Oscar Best Supporting Actress in 1982 for 'The Year of Living Dangerously' for playing the opposite sex.

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This year's Oscars is seeing a lot of firsts with their nominations. We're all looking forward to this amazing night! Follow us to get regular Oscar updates.

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