Why Netflix's "scariest horror film" Veronica is freaking people out across the world

Netflix released a new Spanish horror film on February 26 titled 'Verónica' that has Twitter users freaking out about how scary it is.

Netflix's newly released Spanish horror film 'Verónica' has only been out since February 26, but it has already become a trending topic on Twitter with people claiming that they could not get through it, and those who did watch it are too terrified to fall asleep.

Given the fact that it is based on a true story, the movie is unsettling viewers, who have dubbed it the scariest movie of all time. The film begins with the titular character, Verónica, trying to contact her dead father's spirit during a total solar eclipse through a Ouija board, and culminates in a series of horrific events straight out of hell for the hapless girl and her family.

A still from the movie 'Verónica' (Twitter)

Despite drawing on classic horror tropes, the film has managed to captivate a wide audience through its impeccable execution, with lead actress Sandra Escacena driving the chills home. Director Paco Plaza brings the terrifying story of demonic possession to life, reminding viewers once again that truth is oftentimes scarier than fiction.

Verónica enlists the help of a blind nun in this still from the movie. (Twitter)

Twitter users have been tweeting about their reactions to the movie, and warning other users not to watch the film alone. Here are some of the best reactions to 'Verónica'.

However, not everyone who watched it was feeling it, with some claiming that the movie was overhyped and failed to deliver real scares. It must take a thick skin to be able to sit through something as scary as that!

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