These Black Panther fan artworks will give you serious Wakanda wants

Marvel's Black Panther has inspired many artists to pay homage to the movie.

After a long, LONG wait, Marvel's Black Panther was finally unleashed to the world this February. Even though it's been showing for just a couple of weeks, the film has smashed so many records that it's making the world notice.

The film mainly did well thanks to the epic amount of representation in it. Consisting of an almost all-black cast, the movie has been an inspiration as well as a point of celebration for people with African heritage.

The movie struck a chord in many people's hearts. Thousands of artist paid homage to what truly is an epic superhero movie. Check out some of the artwork below:

1. @kymberli_theartist

The black and gold duality is just too gorgeous.

2. @365dayzofdrawing

Eric Killmonger looks so pensive in this fan art.

3. @bombchelle


4. @mointhestudio

T'Challa's got his eyes on you.

 5. @bosslogic

This is an amazing crossover of Kendrick Lamar and Erik Killmonger.

6. @rkagamiart

You Shuri wouldn't want to mess with her hand canons. Megaman, anyone?

7. @battery_full

This is some serious skill, to be honest. Not sure if anyone else is cut out for it.

8. @oicarodrigues

W'kabi looks like he means business.

9. @miketoneydesign

If you speak out of turn, he'll feed you to his children.

10. @cyborg_barbarian

Here's another one of Shuri we all love.

 11. @risarodil

She's the Disney princess we all deserve!

12. @lulutroy

Nakia's got that unreal glow in this one. 

Representation is so important in Hollywood. With Black Panther making all sort waves and crashing many, many records, it just goes to say that every story matters.

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