11 unusual traits that children tend to inherit from their fathers

When a child is born, most family and friends will try and identify all the similarities that the child has to the mother or the father. Whether it is the color of the eyes or whether it is the shape of the jawline or shape of the lips, people are always looking to spot who the child looks more like. The way the child looks to some of the personality traits of the child can be determined by genes which are inherited from the parents. 

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These are some of the traits that scientists believe are inherited from the father: 

#11 Erratic behavior

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Scientists have revealed how there is a certain gene which is linked to the trait of being a risk taker and someone who is willing to live a life full of adrenaline rushes. If the father is someone who is a risk-taker then it is possible that the child will also follow in the same footsteps of wanting to be on the edge and enjoying the highs or riding the lows. 

#10 Sex

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Who is truly responsible for determining the child's sex? It is definitely the father's gene which determines what sex the baby will be. The mother is known to pass down the X chromosome and the father is known to pass down either an X or a Y chromosome. These chromosomes are responsible for what gender the child will be. XX will result in the baby being a girl while XY will result in the baby being a boy.

#9 Fingerprints

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Fingerprints are one of the most unique parts of human beings and no two persons have the same fingerprint. Fingerprints have been known to be specific to each of us and we have our own special patterns underneath our fingers. The baby will not inherit the father's fingerprints but what the child can inherit are some of the patterns (swirls or lines) which are similar to the father. 

#8 Mental health and disorders

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The proper root cause of mental health and disorders is too complex to accurately determine and experts have a long way to go when it comes to understanding the complicated human mind. However, research has shown that elder fathers who have disorders such as ADHD or schizophrenia are almost four times more likely to pass the disorder to their children as a result of mutations which occur in the DNA. 

#7 Dimples

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Dimples are the little depressions that appear on a person's face when they smile and these are often considered to be an attractive feature. However, they are actually classified as a facial deformity despite the fact that they are considered to be attractive. Research has shown that these marks are genetic and so if the father has dimples, it is possible that the child will also have dimples. 

#6 Infertility

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Infertility can take place due to a number of factors some of which are not in a person's control. Experts have revealed how the sperm production in the man has a specific genetic component. If a child is conceived via an in-vitro fertilization because of a lesser sperm count, the child will most likely also have a low sperm count as an adult.

#5 Height

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Most parents would wish for their children to be tall and well built but it is their genes which are collectively responsible for whether their baby is likely to be tall or short. What tends to happen in most cases is if the father is tall and of a good height, the child will also tend to be tall. If the father is short on the other hand, it is very possible that the child will also be short. 

#4 Eye color

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The way the eyecolor is determined is a fascinating process. Genes from both the mother and the father are responsible for determining the color of the eyes. Researchers have stated that there about 6 different genes which are responsible for what eye color your child will have. The extremely dominant brown genes and the passive blue alleles contribute to deciding the eye color.

#3 Lips

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The way our lips are shaped and structured is a result of a genetic trait which is passed down from generations. People who tend to have fuller lips have been known to have a more dominant trait which will likely to be passed down to the next generations. In most cases, the carrier of the more dominant trait is usually the father and not the mother.

#2 Heart problems

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Some experts have revealed that about 1 in 5 men tend to carry a gene which is linked to coronary heart disease. The gene is responsible for increasing the chances of heart disease by almost 50% and is believed to be passed down through the genes of your father and not of your mother. For those who have a family history of heart disease need to take extra precaution and measures. 

#1 Dental issues

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It is believed that the jaw structure, as well as the teeth of a newborn, are linked with the child's mother and father. Many experts believe that the genes from the father tend to be more dominant than that of the mother. Of course, the mother and the father are responsible for the how the baby looks but, in the end, it is your father's genes which determine how you look.

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