This new hair accessory will leave you mesmerized

Ice white blonde hair is seriously hard to pull off and requires great skill but one artist seems to have mastered the art of transforming blonde to ice white blonde. Zach Mesquit, a successful hair stylist based in Southern California, is the man behind some of the whitest, brightest, and ashiest blondes we have ever seen. 

His Instagram handle under the name 'platinum_perfection' is full of stunning photographs and videos which show his stunningly accurate and picturesque work. 

Source: platinum_perfection, Instagram

All Zach's hairstyles and colors show his incredible sense of what tones work well together. As you scroll through this master's Instagram account, people will come across what looks to be glittery extensions but that is not the case. 

These glittery and shiny bits of hair were not at all fake extensions and was all real hair. The above video of this style is extremely mesmerizing and will definitely keep you hooked onto it. How did Zach manage to get this kind of an effect? What is this magical and sparkly substance?

From the looks of it, they are super thin hair-like pieces of glittery silver thread. As you scroll further down his Insta, you will be captivated with a similar video except this time, the thin hair-like pieces are multi-colored. 

People are totally captivated with this sparkly rainbow glittery hair. They have been asking all kinds of questions about how he was able to pull off such a skilfull and cool hairstyle. Many stars such as Nicki Minaj have also endorsed this beautifully unique hair color.

Source: platinum_perfection, Instagram

What do you think of this super cool hairstyle? Would you want to get it?

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