Madonna continues to amaze us with flawless features at age 59, as she parties late into the night in NYC

The music icon has not let her age get in the way of her beautiful skin or her youthful-ness as she parties into the night.

Madonna is timeless and she has adjusted to every phase and time with grace and dignity. Recently, she decided to take some time off and enjoyed a night out in New York. The 59-year-old singer and musician was seen leaving a Purim party just hours after posting a photograph of herself on Instagram. Her flawless skin was seen shining as she had her hair pulled back while she jumped into her vehicle. 

(Source: Twitter)

She was dressed in all black and looked absolutely stunning as she treated herself to some personal party time. As she sat in the car, she waved to all her fans and followers in her black gloves which matched the rest of her outfit. She kept her head low as she threw on a military-themed leather cap and covered her eyes with a pair of sunglasses. 

(Source: Twitter)

Just hours before Madonna was at the party, she took to Instagram to share a rather different avatar of herself, in which her golden blonde hair was rolled up in curls and she sported an array of colorful necklaces. One of them said the word 'Mambo' in big bold letters. Her skin seemed to have some sort of a magical glow and her lips and eyebrows were highlighted making the rest of her face glow. 

(Source: madonna, Instagram)

This colorful, bright, and happy selfie comes just days after the music icon uploaded a black and white selfie where she was dressed in lingerie, fingerless gloves, a hat and a pair of sunglasses closely resembling a police officer. It seemed as though the Purim party was a hit and Madonna really did get to have some time off. The mother of six is constantly updating her fans and followers with little snit bits of her life. 

(Source: madonna, Instagram)

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