How Katie Holmes was able to get into the best shape of her life

Katie Holmes is set to be on the cover of Women's Health magazine's April edition and will share some of her workout secrets and tips.

Katie Holmes has decided to share her incredible fitness routine with everyone and reveal the secrets to her fantastic figure. For the April edition of Women's Health, the 39-year-old actress opens up about how she prepared for her role as an ex-marine for her upcoming film The Doorman. 

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For her role in the film, Holmes lifted weights and was determined to build up her upper body. She even goes on to admit how working on her upper body strength is something she thought she would not have to do. As reported by Women's Health, "But I wanted to be authentic to a person who trained in the military." 

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"I was a five-pound-weight person, and now I can do 15, 20," Holmes says of the training sessions. "And I've been doing a lot of boxing, which I had never done before. It's thrilling. You can get out the stress of the day. I just go in there and think of all the mundane things that bother me. Traffic!," she continued. 

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She added, "I put off all my phone calls till after boxing because it puts me in a much calmer place." When Holmes is not boxing she enjoys going to SoulCycle classes as she feels it is much easier to exercise in a group and also she likes the sense of community. The "like, if she can do it, I can do it too," attitude is what makes it easier, Holmes believes. 

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"It was incredible, going through all the different boroughs. You feel like you're part of a pack, and you're inspired by other people—and the people in wheelchairs. But it's also. . .I remember hitting mile 20 and just crying, like, 'There's no way—I can't do six more miles.' But I did."

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While getting ready for her upcoming role, Katie also shared that she did need a personal trainer and worked with the trainer for a period of two hours. She worked on exercises and routines such as crunches, squats, and dumbbells, all of which she believes has helped her. 

She has also spoken about the fact that being an avid reader has helped her keep her head balanced. She believes that reading a book transports you to another world itself and keeps you away from technology. 

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Katie Holmes also opened up to the magazine about what her life as a mother is. She is a mother to 11-year-old daughter Suri Cruise. Katie reveals how she often finds herself comparing herself to other mothers on the internet and social media. 

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"Like, that one has taken her child to Morocco, why haven't I taken my child to Morocco?" she continued. 

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