Timeless style icon Iris Apfel gets her own barbie as she is set to release her new book

Apfel has just come out with a new book titled 'Accidental Icon' and she also has two Barbie dolls that are miniature versions of her.

Iris Apfel was honored at the Bergdorf Goodman event which was an evening dedicated to the legendary style icon's latest projects. Other designers such as Christie Brinkley, Ralph Gucci, Gilles Mendel and Stacey Bendet also paid their respects to Apfel. From design projects to appearances in ad campaigns, Apfel shows no signs of slowing down. 

Iris will soon release her book. (Facebook)

As reported by Hollywood Reporter, Tommy Hilfiger said, "She’s a true original." Apfel is all set to come out with a new book which is titled 'Accidental Icon' and she has reportedly decided to partner with Goodman fashion designer, Linda Fargo, to collaborate on a new line of Iris-clothing, and accessories. 

(Source: iris.apfel, Instagram)

"Iris worked me out. She concerned herself with every color choice; every single object was vetted and co-curated 100 percent by her. Not a single thing made it to the floor or the windows that didn’t come with the Iris seal of approval."

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Iris spoke about Goodman’s legendary Fifth Avenue windows and said, "I was incredibly flattered," Apfel said.

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"And David Hoey [Bergdorf’s senior director of visual presentation] is an absolute genius. I had the good fortune to dress the mannequins and style them, and everything else was left to David. I’m in awe of his talent."

(Source: iris.apfel, Instagram)

The Bergdorf windows are aesthetically designed and have a well-thought mix of color, texture, and detail. It also combines pieces from Apfel's own closet and from the Peabody Essex Museum which has over 900 pieces from her wardrobe as part of its permanent collection. 

"When you think of Iris, you think of feathers and fur and color, but she’s also very playful. When you go to her apartment, you’re going to find Kermit, you’re going to find plush animals. She’s like the oldest teenager in the world because she’s absolutely young at heart in every way," said Fargo. 

Apfel was also presented with a toy for her collection; a Barbie doll which was just like her. The Apfel-Barbie dolls which will be on sale this fall. "I thought someone was pulling my leg when [Mattel] called me. Never in my life would I imagine that I was going to be a Barbie. Will the doll for sale look like her? Oh, I hope not; who wants to play with a Barbie that looks like she’s 96?"

(Source: iris.apfel, Instagram)

Iris shared that her book, 'Accidental Icon', is written for readers of any age. "It’s very lighthearted, little essays and stories of the funny things that have happened to me – musings, really. – but don’t ask about any favorite anecdotes.  I don’t have a favorite anything. I never answer that question."

Apfel has a pretty much 'I-don't-care' attitude when it comes to looking at herself as an inspiration and an icon. "I think it’s hysterically funny to become a whole big deal at my tender age. I’m not knocking it; it’s fun. I’m busier than ever. But that’s OK; to me, retirement is a fate worse than death."

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