Gucci's nightmarish Milan Fashion Show had models carrying their own severed heads

Things got extra freaky at Gucci's Milan Fashion Week show on Wednesday when designer Alessandro Michele sent models down the runway carrying replicas of their own severed heads along with chameleons and dragons that looked like they came straight out of Game of Thrones

As weird as it may seem, there is a whole lot of explanation to Gucci's freak show! Titled "Cyborg Manifesto," inspired by an essay of the same name written by Donna Haraway, the show reflected ideas on post-humanism and hybridization. 

Gucci sent models down a runway that was transformed into a surgeon's operating room - replete with PVC flooring, white LED lamps, walls painted a hospital green and waiting room chairs surrounding an eerie operating table.

The runway was turned into an operating room. (Source: Twitter)

Freaky much? (Source: Twitter)

"The concept of the operating room reflects the work of a designer — the act of cutting, splicing, and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them," the brand explained on Twitter.

"The materials used are typical of an operating room and the environment around it: PVC on the walls and floors, fire doors with panic-bars, LED lamps, and plastic chairs like those in a waiting room."

Creative Director Alessandro Michele seemed to be targeting the oddest, most bizarre of fashion shows yet seen. From the setting and the looks of the models, Gucci has thrown us all off balance, yet again. There was not a moment people weren't raising their eyebrows at the seriously freaky presentation.

Models were seen carrying a replica of their own heads. (Source: Twitter)

If fashion editors were expecting a surgery of sorts to take place, their minds were soon put to rest when models walked out carrying a replica of their own heads and several other absurd things, maneuvering around the operating table, completely ignoring them altogether!

Don't the heads look real? (Source: Twitter)
Gruesome! (Source: Twitter)

Another creepy thing about the show was a model who, like Cyclops, had three eyes. She definitely had her chakras all opened up! And that wasn't just it. Gucci didn't stop there with models carrying snakes, chameleons, baby dragons, and what not!

Cyclops. That you? (Source: Twitter)

But what in the world do the severed heads convey?

Vogue said: "Let’s call it a metaphor for carrying the spiritual burden of one’s own evolution and self-awareness."

The unusual display from Gucci took six months to come to fruition. Why are we not surprised? Alessandro combined forces with techno-artisan company Makinarium to make realistic molds of the model's heads and also used 3D printers to complete the design. From Cinecittà, where Makinarium has their atelier, they’ve worked with Ridley Scott, Vlad Marsavin, Danny Boyle, and Ben Stiller.

“Alessandro reached out to us unexpectedly—we didn’t know each other,” said Leonardo Cruciano, who founded the collective with Nicola Sganga and Angelo Poggi.

Mother of dragons! (Source: Twitter)

“He had very precise ideas about what he wanted to achieve. It was a great collaboration; he’s a true artist, with a real passion, a fantasy so intense and inspiring it pushes you forward.”

Just as the audience was getting over from feasting their eyes on cyborg-looking clothing and models, the show took a turn to Westeros. Daenerys Targaryen would sure have been jealous of the tiny reptilian dragons who were inspired by the 'legend of the baby dragon in the jar,' a real story about an author who staged finding a baby dragon in his garage in Oxfordshire, England.

This feels as though something right out of the game of thrones. (Source: Twitter)
Models were even seen cradling snakes and reptiles. (Source: Twitter)

Oh, and the clothes? Influenced by a fusion of Japan, the Middle East, and New York, and nodding to various time periods; think medieval body jewelry.

A dozen other models sported Yankees logos, turbans, and 80s frames that were quite unflattering. But mostly the models were just clad in layers over layers of clashing colors and prints. All in all, the entire show gave away the impression of a bunch of kids who were let loose into a thrift store, dressing up in as many crazy colors and patterns as they could find.

Alessandro said he was exploring a “set of codes” from ideas around “the bourgeoisie thinking what to wear to go to the bank” to “the suits my father used to wear when he worked at Alitalia” to “tribal head-dresses” to “the Sikh turbans of a New York taxi driver”. These codes, he said, “can constrain us, but they are mixed together to create something new.”

Check out pictures from the Gucci fashion show down below:

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While many Twitter users praised Gucci for creating a jaw-dropping show, not everyone was impressed.

One wrote: “Real life freaks! This is not cutting edge, @gucci - this is just ridiculous!”

And another said: “Tell me I am not the only one freaked out with the human heads the models carried with them in Gucci fall/winter show.”

“I love Gucci but can we go back to the good old-fashioned runways and not a surgery room with models carrying replicas of their heads,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another added, “I mean I realize that some top models are head hunted for shows...but this is ridiculous! Fashion show or horror show....way too creepy!” 

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