Giorgio Armani expresses his displeasure over Gucci's nightmarish fashion show

The 83-year-old designer said that he has never wanted to trick consumers.

Giorgio Armani has been quite vocal about his disdain for fashion on the runway that goes out of its way to attract attention. He reportedly feels that his contemporary designers in the industry do so and it is beyond sad for him to see. Fashion is, after all, an expression and he completely disagrees with making it into a freak show just so it can grab some eyeballs. 

Gucci's models walk down the ramp showcasing the RTW 2018 fall collection(Source: Getty Images)

Just recently, Gucci unveiled their RTW 2018 fall collection and some of the models on the runway walked along with a seriously strange accessory - their own head. Obviously, not their real ones, duh, but eerily similar looking mannequins. Designer Alessandro Michele told WWD at a press conference that it "represented the struggle…all the teenagers make, even people my own age, trying to develop their personality, to nourish their mind deeply."

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Armani, not really naming anyone, commented that he was reportedly "perplexed" by such exhibits on a fashion runway. "No, I don’t want to be a part of this. Fashion can’t be a means to have the media talk about you. We have to move and excite but without going overboard — it’s too easy. I have never wanted to trick consumers, and what I show on the runway is what customers can find in stores," he told the same website. 

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The designer has also just put his latest line on display which is reportedly an "an ode to coexistence as opposed to exclusion. He said, "I’ve always seen my work as a reaction to the times we live [in] because clothes affect behaviors and attitudes."

Unlike the Gucci show, his runway show was totally normal - it was all about his clothes. The 83-year-old's designs for this line reflect simplicity and have very relaxed loose fitting garments. With a few pops of fuschia, the rest of the color palette is neutral and muted. 

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