Ever heard of the Peanut, Butter, and Jelly hair trend?! Get ready to be blown away

This new hair trend is taking over Instagram and here is why...

Most girls love experimenting with hair color and it has been trending for a while now. The more people experiment, the cooler the results get. Check out this latest trend which will definitely make you want to go back to school. Embrace the child in you with this peanut butter and jelly hair trend. 

The newest hair trend; Peanut, Butter, and Jelly hair. (Source: Pinterest)

This latest hair trend is totally food inspired and was started by hairstylist, Megan Schipani who created the trend titled 'PB and J' hair. She went on to post the results on Instagram. The trend is now taking over Instagram and is bringing back some old-school memories. Megan is a hairstylist based in Rockville, MD. 

Instead of sticking to the usual colors and trends, she transformed her clients and showered them with a heavy dose of nostalgia with the berry highlights. She told Allure, "She couldn't have full-blown rainbow hair, but was open to playing with deep reds and purples."

Peanut, Butter, and Jelly hair (Source: teasemehair82, Instagram)

To make her PB and J idea come alive, she started off by giving her client's pre-lightened hair a deep and strong purple base. She then put a berry shade on alternated sections and maroon on the others. The whole process took a total of an hour-and-a-half. 

The purple, red, and light brown for the PB and J trend (Source: Pinterest)

"Depending on your natural color, you might have to lighten it to a level seven in order for all of the shades to show up, she says. I do think that the purple and maroon appear brighter on hair that has been pre-lightened so as long as you are willing to do that, then you can definitely have PB and J hair," she told Allure.

Megan says that over time the look will fade and you may require to darken your roots after a month or two depending on the texture and color of your hair. 

The PB and J trend is going viral (Source: pangiebur, Instagram)

"It is always a huge help for a stylist to have visuals since we are pretty visual, to begin with," she told Allure. "Then, we, as experts, can formulate a plan to give clients the look they want to achieve"

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