The Justin Trudeau photograph that's sending the world and all of peoplekind into meltdown

Justin Trudeau is every person's bae right now because he's a liberal, charming and hot politician but let us correct ya'll, he was everyone's dream even before he entered politics. Here's proof

It feels like Justin Trudeau stumbled out of a Hollywood movie set and decided to become the Canadian Prime Minister one day. The 46-year-old is one of the hottest politicians around. We mean, Putin and his physical prowess have nothing on Trudeau's glutes, his chiseled jawline, and his silky, wavy hair that bounces whenever he's outdoors. 

 Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in San Francisco in February 2018 (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It's no wonder that every female politician, celebrity, and royalty has swooned over Trudeau. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, forgot all about Prince William when she met the Canadian Prime Minister in 2016. She fixed her hair like a million times and blushed a little when they spoke. We're sure the Queen can forgive this little crush because she may just have one too.

 Justin Trudeau with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace on November 25, 2015 in London (Getty Images)
Kate Middleton fixed her hair like a million times and blushed a little when they spoke (Getty Images)
Have you forgotten all about William, Kate? (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

And let's not get started on Ivanka Trump. She totally crushed over Trudeau during his visit to Washington DC in 2017. Just in that situation, we were all her and she was all of us. Was she thinking about how smart he really is? Was she checking out his side profile? His smile? Why he was made so handsome? 

But much before these A-listers fell in love with a much mature and might we say polished Trudeau, he used to look like this: 

Justin Trudeau in his youth. Source: Twitter

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the Canadian Prime Minister was an alpha male — all rugged and sexy. We're not sure when this picture was taken but we're convinced that Trudeau, who looked like a combination of a young Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage, must have been the hero of a lot of people dreaming of a better future.

 Justin Trudeau at a camp. Source: Twitter

After all, who doesn't like a man who can box, have a party trick, and conjure up a goofy dance move like this?



We don't know many and we're sure you don't know as well. So let's take a few moments to appreciate this god's creation. 

 Justin Trudeau: Setting hearts aflutter since forever (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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