Downsizing? Bruce Willis' brand new Upper West Side home is simply stunning

Bruce Willis just sold his apartment in Central Park West and recently snagged this insane Upper West side home.

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Hemming have recently sold their beautiful, Central Park West duplex and have just bought an insane four-bedroom apartment on the Upper West side. They have purchased a home in the upscale and luxury apartment complex called One West End. 

The apartment is newly constructed and is a much-envied property which is said to have some views. The couple finished up with the contract and moved in on February 15. The property is a huge one and each apartment is said to be approximately 3,000 square-foot or more. 

As compared to their previous house in Central Park West, this house is exactly half the size and the couple seems to be downsizing from the duplex. The couple also owns another house which is located outside Manhattan in Bedford Hills and is also said to be a stunning home. 

According to the couple's listing agent, John Gomes, Willis, and his wife were especially attracted to the home's kitchen and it was a big factor when it came to purchasing the house.

Gomes reportedly told the Wall Street Journal that the pair loved the kitchen space which had a special pastry making area as well as a built-in coffee machine. 

The luxury apartment also boasts of many other amenities, which most of us can only hope for in our dreams. The other amenities include a terrace garden with cabanas as well as a well-equipped fitness and health center. The apartment also has an insane swimming pool which is said to be 75-feet-long. 

The final price of the luxury apartment has not yet been quoted but the unit was listed at a whopping $7.9 million dollars.

The entire apartment complex was designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli and Hill West Architects, while Jeffrey Beers was responsible for overseeing the interiors of the apartment. 

Here are some pictures of the stunning apartment below: 

1. The stunning apartment

(Source: onewestend, Instagram)

2. Rooms with full-length windows

(Source: onewestend, Instagram)

3. Interiors designed by Jeffrey Beers

(Source: onewestend, Instagram)

4. A great space to sit and catch up

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5. Rooms with no lack of light...

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6. To eat with a view like this every day!

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7. Your very own personal Starbucks equivalent

(Source: onewestend, Instagram)

8. A bedroom worth waking up in...

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9. The 77-foot-long swimming pool

(Source: onewestend, Instagram)

10. Reading with a great view!

(Source: onewestend, Instagram)

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