12 shocking fashion eyesores on the Oscar red carpet over the years

The 2018 Oscars are almost here - and we must admit, even more than the nominations we are eagerly awaiting the celeb red carpet looks. But, if history teaches us anything it is that things you wait for aren't always the best. Take a look at the most shocking outfits from the Oscars over the years and cross your fingers hope that these A-listers learn from their mistakes. 

1. The self-made frock by Kim Basinger

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Back in 2010, Kim Basinger wore this white, reportedly self-designed floor-length gown to the Oscars where she won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in L.A. Confidential. The dress looks like a broken down pastry or a half-eaten shirt. 

2. Swan dress by Bjork

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Her outfits are quite unusual, to put it politely, but this dress to the Oscars back in 2001 was just a bit too much. The dress looked like a pile of feathers hanging off the body of a dead swan - and the dress had a beak and everything. She wore a nude slip underneath, but boy was this weird. 

3. The horror dress featuring Cher

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Cher did not think this outfit through. At the 1987 Oscars, Cher showed up looking like a satanic belly dancer at a Halloween party. Her glittery top and skirt combo was terrifying to say the least - she had a huge spiky do with a headdress on and a satin cover up falling off the shoulders that makes you think - is she coming back from a ritual. Her bright lilac eyeshadow made things worse. 

4. Charlize Theron and the rose dress

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Does the world need to know what lays underneath your shirt? Perhaps not, because they already do. Theron did not get the memo at this 2010 Oscar red carpet, as she showed up in this Dior gown that looked great from the sides but the had all the attention focussed on her roses. 

5. Man by Diana Keaton

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Some people do androgyny right - Diana Keaton at the 2004 Oscars isn't one of them. Keaton walked up the red carpet looking like a magician. She wore a pinstriped pantsuit - complete with a waistcoat, a flower, a tie, gloves and an overcoat. She paired it with a pointed pair of pumps. Why scream our hearts because she was nominated for best actress that year for her romcom Somethings Gotta Give. Even the fact that this was a Ralph Lauren suit did not help the case.

6. Too much velvet by Juliette Binoche

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Juliette went a bit overboard with her brown velvet gown for the 1997 Oscars. She ended up looking like out of the pages of Cinderella, only except she looked like the evil stepmother. The gown, designed by Sophie Sitbon, was a reminder for the world that too much of something is just too much. The raised collars were the last thread to this outrageous outfit.

8. Weird mermaid by Nicole Kidman

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This blue number from the 2004 Oscars looks like it is seconds away from a nip-slip. Nicole Kidman who usually stuns on the red carpet wore this satin, fur and feather combo mermaid dress from Chanel with so much confidence, it was amazing and sad at the same time. 

9. Sea monster by Vera Farminga 

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She wore this beautifully colored fabric at the 2010 Oscars. While it looks okay after you've had time to adjust your eyes - at first it looks like its a shell eating her alive. Or rather a pink colored fungus growing on her body and she just couldn't get rid of it and was late for the red carpet. 

10. Plastic money back not guaranteed by Lizzy Gardiner

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Back at the 1995 Oscars, Lizzy Gardiner made quite the statement - but it remains a mystery to this day what that statement was. Pardon the pun, but she wore American Express Gold Cards - the actual cards stitched together into a dress - a really long maxi dress. 

11. Vampire cape by Sally Kirkland

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Academy Award winner for best actress for her role in Anna, Sally Kirkland is no stranger to the Oscars or its red carpets - thus, it is still a mystery why she decided to be a funny little vampire for the 2007 Oscars. She wore a red, white, blue and orange cape, over a semi-sheer fitted black dress. Let us hope age has brought fashion wisdom to this actress.

12. What the hell is that by Trey Parker

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If you think you have had enough, let us hit you with one more - the last but definitely not the least. At the 2000 Oscars, Duo Trey Parker, who co-created the hit series South Park showed up in a green scarf dress - similar to the iconic one that JLo wore at the Grammy awards the same year. Needless to say, he did not quite pull it off - not with the headband, not with the glittery shorts or the chest hair. 

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